League of Legends: How to play Samira – Desert rose bud


When the “nation’s brother” is hot – Yone Even before it calmed down, Riot continued to release a new champion with a cool name Samira.


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How to play Samira – Desert rose bud

Samira is a mercenary and bounty hunter of Noxus. However, her hometown is the land of the Shurima Desert. Skilled with both guns and swords, Samira is always on the lookout for difficult quests and dangerous contracts because only adventurousness can satisfy her. Samira herself is also an arrogant and stylish girl, which is reflected inside. Likes to show and animation Ctrl + 2 when she tips the enemy for 1 gold coin.


Skills set and how to raise points

Passive – Like to show off

Samira’s passive is quite special, it is the style rank mechanism (style rank).

  • Each skill and basic attack that is not repeated will give Samira 1 style point, from E -> D -> C -> B -> A -> S.
  • Each style point increases her movement speed.
  • When attacking an enemy at a distance, Samira will use a gun; For enemies near, she will use her sword and when using her sword, she will deal bonus magic damage.
  • When Samira attacks an enemy whose movement is restricted, they will be knocked to the air and take additional damage on the next 6 attacks.


Q – Improvisation

Samira shoots a bullet directly at enemies if at long range. If she was near, she would use her sword to slash. Both types deal 25% more damage and can critically strike like basic attacks. If combined with skill ESamira will attack all enemies on the dash.

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W – Slash sword

Samira spins the blade, dealing damage twice around and destroying projectiles fired by enemies in the area.

Sweep sword

E – Take a risk

Samira dashes through an enemy or ally, dealing magic damage if it is an enemy and gaining attack speed. Participating in kills immediately restore this skill.

Take risk

R – Cannon Barrage

When and only when she reaches S rank style points (maximum rank), she will be able to use her ultimate without wasting cooldown. When activated, she will shoot all nearby enemies for physical damage while applying attack effects and possibly critically.

Lien Xa Hell

Based on her skill set, one can come up with the order in which Samira’s maxed skill points will be Q -> W -> E, the ultimate gets the correct level. Q maxed early to increase damage, W used to protect and damage close-range enemies, E only needs 1 point at first to run away and chase.

Samira’s basic combo to achieve S rank style: Basic attack -> Q -> basic attack -> E -> basic attack -> W -> ultimate attack.

The jade table for Samira

Still a gem Conquer familiar, both increasing damage and healing when enough stacks. Samira himself is a damage dealer that combines skill and basic attack so Conquer would be extremely reasonable in this case.

Jade table

Gear up to equip Samira

One thing to be sure of, Samira doesn’t need an attack booster. Based on her skill set and passive, players will only need to focus on critical equipment and lifesteal. Simply because there is a high attack speed increase for Samira, normal shots will not add rank points.

  • Starting equipment: Optional Doran Shield or Sword.
  • Main equipment: Infinity sword, Scythe of the soul, Dance of death.
  • Equipment customization: Spirit’s Crossbow Dominik, Reminder of Death, Blood Sword, Angel Armor, Saber Saber, Ma Vu Dual Sword.
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I wish you all success with Samira!

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