League of Legends: Great tips for climbing ranks when playing Duo with friends

When you join MOBA League of Legends game, how often do you join Duo with your friends? However, when we join Duo with friends, we can meet good players but also very bad. Therefore, always prepare yourself mentally and equip yourself with your own recipes so that in any case we still confidently climb the rank effectively instead of being too dependent on you to play.

Skill differences in League of Legends can make matches more challenging as you won’t be able to rely on allies to perform well in your role. Especially, the gamers pairing together to play is due to the random arrangement of the game, so their purpose of participation is completely different depending on the tactics, there are even people with bad intentions so always be ready to deal in the worst case if unfortunately encountered. Here are some tips for you to get ready to climb the rank when playing League of Legends with someone.

Only Duo with peers or higher

Only Duo with peers or higher

Depending on the different circumstances you will have a separate orientation when joining Duo in League of Legends. For sure, Duo will be more fun than single player, you can find players with the same orientation, the same interests, even become friends in real life. However, the players are plowing, it becomes too frivolous, they will fight until the end quickly increase their rank. This can really get worse if you run into a bad player. Try to find players who are at the same level in these times, or even above you.

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Players with high skill but unstable performance will not yield good results. Take care of the most basic stats of the player before choosing Duo with them, try to find a perfect teammate – that’s the first criterion when joining Duo in League of Legends.

Duo with players in complementary roles for you

Duo with players in complementary roles for you

Just like in a group we need a leader or a game-oriented person, in every game you should find someone playing a different role from your main role in every game, they will be in a favorable way. The game we are using to tailor the playstyle instead of having to run their playstyle is difficult to be highly effective. However, choosing the player to play the role of supporting you in League of Legends is not easy. There are many ways to choose from different roles you can refer to:

The Duo type takes the jungler as the center position, as we know the jungler plays a very important role in securing the target and helping with the top, bot or mid lane movement on the map. Definitely a very flexible role, you should choose Duo with the solo laner because they can often roam to help the jungle as well as benefit from the camps.

The next most popular type of racing pair is ADC and Support, which is the only pairing on the map that matches well. So the coordination between the two members is really easy. However, there are some caveats because if you are an aggressive, aggressive ADC but have an extremely passive Support person, it will be difficult to adjust your gameplay.

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Don’t be afraid of Duo with strangers

Don't be afraid of Duo with strangers

Joining Duo brings a lot of fun but also extremely risky, Duo and its strangers feel very comfortable, we can find the right teammates for the next game. Before joining, check the match history as well as relevant information before agreeing to play. Online friends are always a new experience, the first step in your journey. Maybe 2 people will mind the best to Duo together during a long journey.

Take advantage of voice communication

Take advantage of voice communication

The interaction between gamers when joining League of Legends often brings many unexpected effects, if you are not afraid to talk to strangers, the voice communication will easily notify you to play the same game. what’s going on. We will quickly see if the enemy is missing on the map, the target is suspected of being ganked, the enemy is losing spells or summons, and so on. Certainly, the voice interaction will be faster and more reliable than the ping system in the game. In addition, communication will help people increase connection and get to know each other easily.

Above are some tips to help you join Duo with friends and still increase your rank in League of Legends. Hope those tips help you.

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