League of Legends – Details of Viego’s skills and tips – Black Destroyer of Kings

Black Destroyer Emperor, the first general of League of Legends Season 2021, this is a jungler that relies heavily on attacks with unique mechanics, the reappearance of Viego will definitely make Great Depression spread all over Runeterra once again. Let’s Funny game Learn about this king’s skill set.

Viego - Black Destroyer in LOL

Details of skills, skills of Viego

Passive – Supreme Dominion:

Viego can temporarily take over the bodies of enemies he takes down, healing based on their maximum health. During possession, Viego’s equipment, basic attacks, and kit become those of that enemy, and he is allowed to use his ultimate for free once. When possessing an enemy’s body, Viego gains movement speed towards enemy champions.

Q – Blade of Doom:


  • ‘s attack Viego Deals an extra amount of damage based on the enemy’s current health. When Viego attacks the enemy he just hit, that attack will hit twice. The second attack drains health from the target instead of dealing damage, but still applies on-hit effects and can critically strike. This passive is still maintained during physical possession.


  • Viego stabs forward, dealing damage to all enemies hit.

W – Dark Claw:

Viego charges, then dashes forward, unleashing a mist that stuns and damages the first enemy it touches. The stun duration and range of the mist increase with the charge duration, but the damage and dash do not increase.

Skill E – Black Mist Territory:

Viego spread a screen Dark fog encloses a side wall. While in the fog, Viego Camouflaged, while gaining Attack Speed ​​and Movement Speed.

Skill R – Ultimate Destiny:

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Viego exits his possessive body and teleports forward, attacking enemy champions within range with the lowest health ratio and dealing bonus damage based on missing health. Other enemies within range are knocked away.

Viego’s tips – Effective Black Destroyer

By design of Viego, he will be most suitable when played in the jungle position thanks to his versatile skill set and extremely cool unique passive. As described by Riot, Black Destroyer Emperor is a gladiator in the jungle position, possessing a very special skill set, able to transform into the enemy he has destroyed. ‘s skill set Viego also has high mobility, can maintain strength from the beginning to the end of the game.

Due to the above characteristics, Viego is a General with many different build types: Gladiator, Tank Standard Resist and the way pure damage build. In which, the type of build Gladiator with many attack equipment considered the most appropriate.

Even though he’s a jungle champion Viego has the ability to clear the forest relatively slowly. Compensate, Viego has a good ability to trade skills, and can support ganking in lanes very well with his skill set. In addition to the jungle position, Viego has also been tested in the top lane position.

  • W of Viego Can’t go through Walls. However, ‘s ultimate Viego can be used to escape when needed.
  • ‘s top priority Viego in combat will be to destroy the enemy’s carry first to take advantage of damage with his passive.
  • You will be untouchable and untargeted when stealing enemy souls. During possession of an enemy champion, their equipment, basic attacks, and skill sets Viego becomes the enemy’s, and he is allowed to use his ultimate for free only once.
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