League of Legends – a detailed guide on how to play a basic Seraphine

Can go mid or sp, how to itemize, use a supplemental gem board, and equipment

Seraphine has officially joined Summoner’s Rift in League of Legends 10.22. Most prominent and most notable is the appearance of “national idol” Seraphine. Let EmergenceInGame consult and discuss the basic gameplay, gear-up tips, complementary gems and how to combo Seraphine League of Legends.

How strong is Seraphine, but Riot makes her a fan club?
How strong is Seraphine, but Riot makes her a fan club?

Seraphine finally in League of Legendsi, and are ready to do battle. Maybe many people will think that her gameplay will be similar to Sona, but in fact there are quite a few differences between these two champions.

What’s so exciting about Seraphine’s unique skill set?

Seraphine has the ability to heal, shield, crowd control and a lot of damage in just 4 moves, which turns Seraphine Become an extremely versatile general. Seraphine can play well in the position median and support. With a skill set geared towards buffing allies, providing nasty control effects, your strongest point Seraphine is the possibility total fighting.

Weakness of Seraphine That mid lane is likely The cleaning is not too strong In the early game, so this girl is easily forced into towers and plays passively in early levels. If playing in a support position, Seraphine There are also disadvantages like these Other support buffs was early game damage is not high. If you meet a strong fighting duo, Seraphine it is very difficult to travel safely.

How to play Seraphine effectively?

Seraphine can be played in two different ways depending on whether you play support or mid. She can be played well in both positions. Although her AP is not high, Seraphine’s ability damage is quite high.

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Location of support Seraphine the perfect position for her. Here, the skill set of the female singer Piltover is exploded with healing and control skills that are extremely suitable for the support position.

In the mid lane, her advantage is long range. In this position, you can use your skill set as a tool to prick the enemy’s blood. However, you must pay attention to keeping a good position for yourself as her health and armor will not be enough to confront at the same time. forest and mid your team at the beginning of the game.

Seraphine Can chase enemies with his shield and slow skill. One of the tricks for Sona is to use it properly dual skills thanks to intrinsic ability. The launching of dual skills to cumulative damage as support teammates will be the huge advantage that comes from Seraphine.

At the road stageYou should only attack your opponent when possesses the passive ability to use the ability 2 times, gamers can falsify Q – High Note or dominate the opponent with E – Tempo Change at teammates gank. The process of going the way of Seraphine It is mainly about clearing troops and pushing poses towards the opponent, so you have time to move with the jungler to control vision or small teamfights.

In the fighting phase, you can initiate combat from long range with your ultimate Song of Spread, even this move can extend the effect of this skill when passing through allies. This is an extremely powerful weapon in large fighting situations in the middle of the match. Skill Q – High Note will deal additional damage based on the percentage of your opponent’s missing health, so Seraphine will be able to finish off opponents relatively well in chaotic teamfights.

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If the fight is not going well, you should use it W – Melody of Melody when empowered by passive to retreat and heal allies.

Supplementary jade for Seraphine

Seraphine buffs mid lane - Mid
Seraphine buffs mid lane – Mid
Seraphine support gem to support - Support
Seraphine support gem to support – Support

Recommended equipment for Seraphine

In the mid lane:

  • Vong Yin Luden It’s the first big item Seraphine is required because this item will improve her relatively poor minion-cleaning weakness.
  • The second biggest item gamers should aim for is Twin Sword of Disaster because it interacts well with the intrinsic of Seraphine.
  • The items after that Seraphine can be used similar to other shamans like Witch Hat, Hourglass good Staff of the Void

With the support position:

  • You should use Athene’s Cup of Demons is the first major item because it gives this champion the ability to preserve allies and AP from the equipment’s passive.
  • After that Ardent Censer is the equipment that you should aim for to help the main force to deal more effective damage.
  • If the match is too long then multi-purpose items like Ghost Twins, Mikael’s Protective Case, Iron Solari Necklace … is something you should own.

Overview of Seraphine

In general, this champion is not as buggy as the generals released recently Riot Game but still possesses a strong magician quality. Along with that is her beautiful appearance with the image of an extremely wonderful female singer, promising that Seraphine will definitely be one of the most popular champions in League of Legends.

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