Launching PUBG Mobile Lite, Tencent decided to defeat Rules of Survival

It can be said that 2018 is the year of “survival shooterA series of famous names such as Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire and Rules of Survival (ROS) have appeared and stormed the game market over time.

However, if it were to be said, perhaps a race for the position “best survival game“only takes place between Pubg Mobile and Rules of Survival. Each of these games has their own advantages, disadvantages and calculations to gain the most market share.

It can be said about depth, gameplay, graphics or appeal, Pubg Mobile and RoS are “one nine and eleven”, but if it’s fair to say, the Rules of Survival is still dominant and has the number of players. more crowded. The main and most important reason is that Ros players do not need a device with too “huge” configuration to install and play as Pubg.

Rules Of Survival PCRules Of Survival for iOSRules Of Survival for Android

Best survival shooting game today

It is not known whether or not Tencent has realized this since, but recently, from a reliable source, information about Tencent will launch a PUBG Mobile is super light with the name PUBG Mobile Lite. Many people believe that with what the company has improved on the Pubg Mobile Lite survival game, defeating ROS is only a matter of time.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

PUBG MobilePUBG Mobile for AndroidPUBG Mobile for iOS

  • Pubg Mobile Lite’s capacity is only about 250-300MB, very compact (while the original install is more than 1.5GB)
  • Does not require a high picture like Pubg Mobile, lepers can also install and play PUBG Mobile Lite
  • Has all the same features as the original Pubg Mobile
  • The game map is scaled down, from 8×8 to 4×4, so the possibility of players clashing will be sooner, faster playing time, thereby saving more battery for the device.
  • Instead of having up to 100 people participating as the original, PUBG Mobile Lite only has a maximum of 40 people
  • Some graphics details are also reduced to make the Lite version lighter, but do not affect the quality of the game.
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Download PUBG Mobile Lite for Android

Pubg Mobile Lite is available on CH Play

According to this source, PUBG Mobile Lite is currently available on Google Play, but not everyone or any country can download this new version.

If you are interested, you can try your luck with APKPure and install PUBG Mobile Lite using the XAPK file as in the previous article “How to install XAPK files for Android phones”. have ever instructed.

It is still unclear exactly when Tencent will launch this “decisive blow”, however, this is also good news for those who want to try PUBG Mobile without a chance.

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