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Pirates of Wild Rift is a card role-playing mobile game with new tactical gameplay from NPH Esgame for Android and iOS devices. Let’s join Taimienphi quickly to participate in events, to receive Code Wild Rift Pirates and hundreds of super valuable gifts.

As one of the few card games with European-style graphics, Pirates of the Wild brings a unique world to players, the cast of characters from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean movie, surely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

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Wild Rift Pirates – Card strategy game on Android and iOS

Free Wild Rift Pirate Code

CODE 1: SS888
CODE 2: SS666
CODE 3: VIP666
CODE 4: VIP888
CODE 5: VIP999

How to get Pirate Code Wild Rift

Event 1: Report Landing
– Reward: Code of Wild Rift Pirate game
+ Grilled oysters*5
+ Diamond*200
+ Gold*50000
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Like Share Fanpage
– Reward: Wild Rift Pirate Code
+ Forged Stone*200
+ Hero Pick Chest SS*10
+ Hao Nuong*2- Link to join: Event 2

Some places receive other Wild Rift Pirate GiftCode
– Link to the homepage of Wild Rift Pirates here
– Link to Wild Rift Pirates Fanpage here
– Link Group Pirates Wild Rift here

How to enter the GiftCode of Wild Rift Pirates

Step 1: At the main screen in the game, click Avatar figure.

giftcode two points toc chien

Step 2: In the table Information, click the . button Gift Code under.

how to enter giftcode game two tac toc chien

Step 3: Import Code of Wild Rift Pirates => click Confirm reward exchange.

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how to enter two-way code

Magic Arena is also a card mobile game developed based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series, bringing a new playground that allows players to collect hundreds of Monster, Witch, Warrior cards. and also the Ancient Supreme Gods, if you are playing this game, don’t ignore the list of 6 Code of Magic Arena The latest players are compiled here.

Download the latest version of Wild Rift Pirates

=> Link Download Wild Rift Pirates for Android

=> Link Download Wild Rift Pirates for iPhone

The Legend of Pirates is the standard One Picece game that is played by many people today, just like Hai Tac Wild Rift, the Pirate Legend Code is also sent to gamers by the publisher in many different events to support the site equipment, items for gamers.

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