Latest VTC Chess Code 2023

Synthesis of VTC Chess Code are the rewards that many people expect the most during the Alpha test. On March 15, NPH VTC opened a test phase for gamers to conquer the flags. Along with exciting events are waiting for you on this special occasion

Although VTC Chess is still in the Alpha test phase, players can still experience the full features of the game, and receive many attractive rewards through codes. VTC Chess code. Do not hesitate to use the gift code immediately to own any valuable items.

Vtc code

Synthesis of limited VTC Chess Code

1. Full Set of VTC Chess Code Get 200,000 Pure Gold

2. How to Enter the Latest VTC Chess Giftcode

Step 1: Open VTC Chess game and log in to your account, at the main interface click character avatar => click Giftcode.

hop on a hop-on-the-scenes code for the first time in 2023

Step 2: Import Code of Chess VTC => press the button Receive.

List of codes that can be used every time

Step 3: The message of successful gift code redemption will be displayed as shown below.

how to enter the code can be used as a vtc

3. Tips to Get New VTC Chess Code

During this Alpha test phase, the CODE GAME VTC Chess will be broadcast continuously on Fanpage, to attract other gamers to play and experience. During the testing process, if you encounter a game error, you can take some time and give feedback to the NPH, helping to improve VTC Chess.

4. Questions related to Giftcode Chess VTC

– What is VTC Chess Code: These are gift codes that help you receive the rewards that the system has attached after successfully redeeming Giftcode.

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– How long can VTC Chess Code be used: After using the Code successfully, the gift will be immediately sent to the player’s account, each Giftcode will have a certain use time, you need to enter it immediately after having the Code code. .

– When VTC Chess has a new code: Normally, NPH always distributes new Giftcode with expiry date on special occasions. To make sure you don’t miss out on valuable rewards, save this article and check back often.

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