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Soon mobile games will be idle Ta Tu Tien will officially open to the public. Before officially starting the journey of cultivation, readers and gamers, let’s join Taimienphi to learn about the activities of receiving Code Ta Tu Tien, owning a free gift from NPH.

A rare opportunity to receive super unique gifts and hundreds of free Ta Tu Tien GiftCodes with just a few simple steps, indispensable gifts for new players, making your journey to Tu Chan simple and easy. much more convenient.

code we convert

Ta Tu Tien – Tu Chan mobile game on Android and iOS

Code Chung Ta Tu Tien


How to get Code Ta Tu Tien

Event 1: Like Fanpage
– Reward: Ta Tu Tien game code
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Opening news
– Reward: Code Ta Tu Tien
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Sign up to download
– Reward: GiftCode Ta Tu Tien
– Link to join: Event 3

Some places receive Free GiftCode Ta Tu Tien
– Link to the home page of the game Ta Tu Tien here
– Link Fanpage Ta Tu Tien here
– Link Group Ta Tu Tien here

how to enter the code we convert

How to enter GiftCode game Ta Tu Tien

Step 1: At the main interface, click on the icon Event.
Step 2: In the Events view, click Leading the Way.
Step 3: Right after that, you enter Giftcode Ta Tu Tien in the blank box Gift password and press the button Take, open the bag to check the reward received.

If you are a lover of the mobile role-playing game genre, the product of NPH Funtap Thien Ngoai Giang Ho will certainly not disappoint you. The game has beautiful graphics, a diverse sect system and many unique activities that make you unable to move your hands. The set Code of Thien Ngoai Giang Ho game full will be Taimienphi’s gift for you.

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Link download Ta Tu Tien new version

=> Link Download Ta Tu Tien for Android

=> Link Download Ta Tu Tien for iOS

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