Latest Northern Fort Code Full Code 2023 and how to enter

Northern Fortress is a classic idle tower defense game from NPH VTCGame. Join the game, you will have to defeat the invaders and develop an army to sweep all enemies. At the same time, you can use the Northern Fortress Codes and are provided with many rare resources to help increase the strength of the defending army.

If you’re a new player entering the original tower defense kingdom in North Tower, you’ll need to use your leadership abilities to the fullest, utilize the strength of your army, and use the Northern Fortress Giftcodes to great advantage. help you gain the upper hand, defeat all enemies.


Summary of the latest Northern Fort Code

1. Full Code Latest Northern Fortress

CODE 1: NTD1111
CODE 2: NTD7777
CODE 3: NTD8888
CODE 4: NTDiscord
CODE 5: NTD214
CODE 6: NTDspring
CODE 7: NTDxmas
CODE 8: NTD1000

2. The Fastest Way to Enter the Northern Fort Code

Step 1: Open the game Northern Fortressclick Settings icon => press Giftcode.

Enter the code to keep up the bac

Step 2: Import Code Northern Fortress in the empty box => press Confirm.

Use giftcode to keep up with the bac

Step 3: After successfully entering the Northern Fortress Giftcode, the system will display the reward as shown below. Select Receive to continue using other Northern Fort codes.

Doi code game bai doi phuong bac

3. How to Get the New Northern Fort Code

When you have used up all the CODE GAME Northern Fortress, readers can earn more Giftcode through events held at NPH VTCGame homepage or join VTC’s Fanpage to become a hard fan and receive exclusive gifts of Northern Fortress of great value.

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4. Some Frequently Asked Questions When Entering Northern Fort Code

– Why is the Northern Fortress code error when using it: This happens when you enter the wrong Northern Fort code or the gift code has reached the limit of entries. You can check the expiration date and enter the correct code character Northern Fortress or not.

– How long can the Northern Fort code be used: Each Northern Fort giftcode has a certain use time, you need to enter it as soon as you have a new gift code.
– When the Northern Fortress has a new code: Usually on holidays or hot events, the new NPH VTCGame may issue a new Giftcode for the Northern Fortress that is limited to gamers.

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