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Just released, MMORPG Kings Throne has become one of the names that many gamers pay attention to, the game has realistic graphics from battle scenes to medieval romances. On the occasion of the launch of NPH Goat Games, the Kings Throne Game Code is given to players, making their experience much more convenient.

Kings Throne is an empire simulation MMORPG where you rule a kingdom and experience medieval royal life with exciting adventures, epic wars, romance…and more so again.

kings throne game code

How to get and enter the latest Kings Throne Game Code

Code General Kings Throne

– b933db8f
– pe305a2a
– t00ea021
– e6b621ff
– y37fb55d

How to get Code Kings Throne

Not only that, players also have the opportunity to own more valuable Kings Throne Game Code gifts if they participate in events or Events of NPH at the official website, Fapage community … they are all provided by Taimienphi summarized below.
– Link to Kings Throne’s main website here.
– Link Facebook Fanpage here.
– Link Group here.
– Link Discord here.

game code kings throne 2

Instructions for entering GiftCode Kings Throne

Step 1: Click on the receive icon Avatar outside the main screen => Settings.

how to enter giftcode game kings throne

Step 2: In the table Settings, choose gift box Redemption Code and enter GiftCode Kings Throne in the empty box => Confirm.

how to enter kings throne game code

If you love action role-playing games, then Dragon Storm Fantasy will be a unique experience for you with centuries-long wars, Code Dragon Storm Fantasy Definitely an indispensable thing if you are intending to embody one of the game’s 4 special character classes.

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Download Kings Throne game for the latest version

=> Link Download Kings Throne for Android

=> Link Download Kings Throne for iPhone

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