Latest Gacha Club Code

Gacha Club is a free role-playing game that allows players to customize characters on Android and iOS platforms, if looking for Code codes. Gacha Club Then you have come to the right place. Here Taimienphi will synthesize the currently active code.

Ownership Code Gacha Club Will definitely help you do a lot of things like buying costumes, recruiting new characters … or providing main currency without having to spend any money. Hence, we have gathered this Code Gacha Club to help you.

code gacha club

GiftCode synthesis game Gacha Club 2021

Latest Gacha Club code 2021


How to enter the Code Gacha Club

You can use the Gacha Club code by opening up the game, tapping Options, then pressing the Phone button. When you’re there, you’ll be given a phone that you can use to enter numbers. This is where you’ll need to enter the Code Gacha Club when you find them.
– Step 1: At the main screen, select Opntions.
– Step 2: Click the icon Phone (phone picture).
– Step 3: Import Code Gacha Club => select Enter.

how to enter code gacha club

How to get Code Gacha Club

Code Gacha Club seems to only be released for free on holidays or events, so there aren’t any events for players to participate in receiving a GiftCode. However, you can get a new free code by opening the phone in your Options menu, looking to the left side of the phone, you will see a code next to the text Code Found. For us it’s 604-735 but it might be different for you.

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how to get code gacha club

Other Gacha Club Code codes are hidden throughout the game, so you’ll need to keep an eye out. However, if we discover any other GiftCode codes, we will be sure to update this guide with new content.

Reference: Code of Epoch Times
Link download Gacha Club for Android and iOS

=> Link download Gacha Club for Android

=> Link download Gacha Club for iPhone

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