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To support the Beginners on the path of Arcas’ mission to protect the new planet, defeat the dark world of demons and bring peace to the world, NPH JingSong has hidden the Code. Dragon Age into events, they are all invaluable resources for new players.

In the following article, Taimienphi will summarize all the content and events received Code Dragon Age The newest free Night Awakens for readers, ensuring players always receive exclusive rewards, rare gear and precious items with colorful shimmer effects.

code dragon age

Dragon Age – 3D RPG on Android and iOS

Code General Dragon Age


Instructions for entering GiftCode Dragon Age

Step 1: At the screen, click the icon square right side of the screen and select Setting.

how to enter code dragon age

Step 2: In Setting, switch to tab Account and click Go to Redemption code.

how to enter dragon age giftcode

Step 3: Next enter Code Dragon Age The Dark Awakens in the box below => click Determined.

how to enter code dragon age

Using Code Dragon Age Shadow Awakens successfully, the player will receive a reward. Note, each gift code gives the player a different number of items.

how to enter dragon age code in game

How to get Code Dragon Age Night Awakens

Event 1: Watch live stream
– Reward: Code Dragon Age
– Link to join: Event 1

In addition, readers can also receive more free Dragon Age Codes from the game’s forums and communities … where gamers often exchange the latest gift codes of NPH JingSong. Or else, please bookmark this article, here we constantly update the latest Code Dragon Age codes if available.
– Link to Fanpage forum here
– Link Group here

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code dragon age

Have you ever thought that you can play Dragon Age The Dark Awakens on your computer, fight against evil forces on PC instead of mobile as usual??? Please refer to the link below if you are planning to experience JingSong’s products in a different way.

Reference: How to download and play Dragon Age on computer
Dragon Age download link for Android and iOS

=> Link Download Dragon Age for Android

=> Link Download Dragon Age for iPhone

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