Latest DB Heroes Code and how to enter and receive General Vegeta SSR

On the way to conquering copies, valuable Code DB Heroes from NPH are extremely necessary. Lots of exclusive gifts like Shenron Scrolls, Stamina and Diamonds are indispensable if you want to become a pro gamer.

On March 15, DB Heroes officially opened the Alpha test version, you only need to play the game to level 3 to open the feature to enter Code DB Heroes, receive rewards on the occasion of opening a new server like General Vegeta SSR, 75 Shenron reels, 1000 KC and Monthly Card Bundle. DB Heroes has a tactical gameplay like the Legend of Pirates, extremely attractive.

code db heroes

Summary of the latest Code DB Heroes

1. DB Heroes Giftcode Complete Set Get Shenron Scrolls And KC

To make sure, readers don’t miss a free gift code. We will regularly add the latest GiftCode DB Heroes right here, you can save the page and check back often for a chance to own limited rewards.

2. Quickest Guide to Enter Code DB Heroes

Step 1: At the main interface of DB Heroes, click character avatar.

db heroes code input

Step 2: Select Giftcode.

fullcode db heroes every day

– Import Code DB Heroes => press Confirm.

giftcode db heroes every day

– The message to change Giftcode DB Heroes successfully will appear, press OK.

enter game code db heroes

Step 3: Return to the main interface, click Letter icon.

doi ma giftcode game db heroes

Step 4: Read Mail Code DB Heroes => press Receive.

tong hop code db heroes

– The reward for successfully entering the code will be displayed as shown below.

db heroes game code list

3. Tips Get New DB Heroes Code

If you want to receive CODE GAME Latest DB Heroes, gamers please follow the game’s Fanpage, work hard to participate in the event on the occasion of Alpha test, have the opportunity to receive a gift package worth 30k Diamonds and other ingame gifts to support newbies.
– Fanpage DB Heroes
– Group DB Heroes

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4. How to Fix Error Entering Code DB Heroes Failed

– To prevent this from happening, please enter the correct gift code in the list or copy Code DB Heroes and paste it directly in the game to fix it.

5. Outstanding Features of DB Heroes
– The game is designed according to the original design of the famous Dragon ball anime/manga series.
– Diverse character system
– Top notch design 3D graphics.
– A lot of PvE and PvP events of the martial arts festival

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