Latest Code Blaze of Strike

Before entering the fierce battles of the mobile shooter Blaze of Strike then don’t forget to get a GiftCode, a valuable resource indispensable for newbies to help make your experience more attractive.

Step into the game Blaze of Strike , players can freely compete with other gamers in a variety of Single Player or Team Play categories, battling in familiar locations such as snow-covered areas, deserts and abandoned factories.

code blaze of strike

Blaze of Strike – First-person shooter on mobile

Code Blaze of Strike

– lrtfa5fx (for Android)

– c127trfr (for iOS)

How to get Code Blaze of Strike

Step 1: Visit the link to get Code Blaze of Strike here

Step 2: Find and select the Get Gifts gift box icon like the image below, if you use iOS, select Get Gifts for iOS, if you use Android, select Get Gifts for Android.

giftcode blaze of strike

Step 3: Login account 4399 yours and get the Code Blaze of Strike.

how to enter code blaze of strike

Some other free GiftCode Blaze of Strike links are compiled by Taimienphi right below, each gift code provides a different amount of valuable resources, get as much as you can to make your experience better .

– Link to Facebook Fanpage forum here.
– Group community link here

Instructions for entering GiftCode Blaze of Strike

Step 1: At the main interface, click the . button Bonus in the top left corner.

Step 2: In the section Bonus, click select Item Code.

Step 3: Import Code Blaze of Strike in the empty box and click Claim.

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Link download game Blaze of Strike

=> Link Download Blaze of Strike for Android

=> Link Download Blaze of Strike for iOS

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