Latest Chibi Super Team Code

On the occasion of the official launch of the game Super Team Chibi, Moc Game publisher offers readers extremely valuable Chibi Super Team GiftCode sets, an indispensable gift for new players who want to experience the game better.

Unlike any other game, Super Team Chibi Graphic design in Anime style, lovely chibi animation. Gamers after logging in freely experience genres such as puzzles, tactics, puzzles, cards and exploration role-playing elements.

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The latest Chibi Super Team game code

GiftCode Super Team Chibi Chung



How to get Chibi Super Team Code

Event 1: Release news
– Reward: Chibi . Super Team Code
– Link to join: Event 1

Some other places get free Chibi Super Team GiftCode
– Link Official Website here.
– Link to Fanpage forum here.

How to enter GiftCode Super Team Chibi

Step 1: At the main interface of the screen in the game, click the gear icon Setting.

super cool code

Step 2: In the table Setting, at tab Basic Settings click on the white space Taimienphi has marked until the entry Code for Super Team Chibi appears.

how to enter cool code

Step 3: Next you choose Enter Code Super Team Chibi.

how to enter the code of the cool game chibi

Step 4: Import Code Super Team Chibi in the empty cell in the table that appears => select Confirm.

how to enter giftcode very cool chibi

Immediately the system announces the reward after using the Chibi Super Team Code

how to enter cool code

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Link download Super Team Chibi
Quickly download and install Chibi Super Team on Android and iOS right now, you will enjoy many of the hottest game genres at home and abroad, meet, exchange, and fight tactically with other gamers on the Internet. around the world.

=> Link Download Chibi Super Team for Android

=> Link Download Chibi Super Team for iPhone

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