Kritika surprises gamers with new Class promotion

Kritika is one of the few Korean games released for free that continues to develop after 5 years of operation. In the winter update – the latest version, Kiritika added the Halo Mage class class to the character Noblia. Noblia is a new character that appeared in March and has a loli-style appearance.


In the latest update, Noblia is equipped with the Twilight Finale weapon, which itself has a lot of secondary weapons attached. When combined with spells, Halo Mage can bombard enemies with various skills.


Halo Mage class introduction trailer

Developer All-M expects the arrival of Halo Mage to be a suitable addition for strong gamers who have higher requirements for character control. Another class called Elemental Fairy for Noblia is also in development. The next class is expected to be able to control natural elements such as fire, ice, darkness, and thunder. Gamers will have the ability to summon the souls of each element and combine the inherent spells with the new class Elemental Fairy.

Trailer reveals new class Elemental Fairy

There is currently no information about the new class Elemental Fairy.​

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