It will be expensive to reveal the game’s plot before the release date

Not long ago, Bethesda conducted a rather intense test for gamers participating in Insider Xbox, and this test requires gamers to completely keep relevant and non-public information confidential. disclosing any screenshots, videos or audio recordings, even posting anything related to this test online is strictly prohibited. However, the ban hasn’t stopped some enterprising gamers, and some of them have posted related videos and screenshots.

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However, Bethesda and Microsoft will not let this incident go easily, recently, a gamer who posted a video containing related content received a big “blow” from the game developer. Before the money, this gamer’s Twitter account was disabled, and Bethesda sent an email informing that this gamer will not be able to participate in any more testing programs, his Xbos accounts also deleted on Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Insider and restored on January 1, 2019.


After the incident, this gamer replied to Bethesda’s email and his twitter account was restored, but the above punishments have not changed.​

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