Is the gaming house having a negative effect on esports?

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With its strong popularity and increasing application in esports, the form of a gaming house seems to become a symbol for teams that have somewhat adversely affected esports. In the past, a gaming house was built with a single purpose of creating a space where gamers could forget about the constraints of real life and play games with their teammates. It seemed like this would be a paradise for the players, according to some reports, it was like living in “hell.”

It started with a gaming house for a North American esports team in 2005, when compLexity and owner Jason Lake rented a house in Plano, Texas for their Counter-Strike team. Along with this was the explosion of the DSL (digital subscriber line) era, not only possessing the fastest transmission speed at that time, these players were also able to practice under the same roof. home.

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However, in addition to the benefits mentioned above, this form also encountered many disadvantages. The worst thing is that personal privacy has been lost and the cramped living space leaves the players with almost no time for themselves and their relationships.

The beginning of the gaming house era opened up a lot of trouble in its development. With no separation between the working environment and living space, many players become stressed and even exhausted.

These forms of gaming houses still exist today, even in high-profile leagues, and need to be reformed before it’s too late, said one productivity coach, who asked not to be named.

“An unstructured gaming house with a lack of privacy boundaries and rules will adversely affect the mental health of players. Because each individual will never be able to truly leave the working environment and there is a separation between working and living. And the main causes of burnout are stress and workload.”

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As with most forms of sports competition, inevitably conflicts, arguments, and sometimes physical contact will occur between the players. When this happens in gaming houses, avoidance is almost inevitable. And if no one lives with the knowledgeable teams to handle these situations, it’s the players who will suffer.

“If you have individuals who are arguing with each other, or communicating improperly, or feel like their home is not safe, that puts more pressure on an already existing individual. This can lead to a multitude of psychiatric symptoms and should only be handled by trained therapists.”

When a multi-occupant gaming house is confined to a space that many people feel is not suitable or cannot distribute work and personal time, various problems inevitably arise, making the possibility of cooperation and competition are reduced. For this form to work properly, certain criteria must be met.

“The important thing here is to realize that gaming can work well, but certain conditions need to be met. There should be a space that is completely free and allows individuals to relax. There should be an understanding of the rules that this is no longer a work school and that if an individual is inside their room it is their private time. In addition, a professional is required to monitor these individuals and their mental condition.”

Tyler “Skadoodle” Latham, MVP of ELEAGUE Boston, and his Cloud9 CS-GO team have had a lot of experience living together in a gaming house.

“I love living in a gaming house because I believe this will allow me to easily communicate and work with live teammates. However, as time went on, I had a hard time separating my work life from my personal life. Living with teammates 24/7 makes spending time alone quite difficult. However, I would like to live alone and work in an office or a practice.” Latham said.

The connection between Latham and the experts shows that, as esports players get older, they will need more space – literally and emotionally. Life will begin to take over. You will want a girlfriend, maybe a pet, a garage, and a place to be alone. These things are hard to come by when you have five or more people living with you.

Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert, a former member of Cloud9, believes that gaming houses both have advantages and disadvantages, and all must be handled properly.

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“Gaming houses can benefit organizations in a number of situations. Maybe a whole new team moves people into a new place where they’ve become friends or know someone. Having all members of a team in the same house makes everyone feel comfortable as a family. However, older players and previous indie players will often appreciate having their own space and practicing in a different location where they live.”

In general, according to experts, Latham, and Gilbert that the gaming house model may not be suitable for all players. The team owners are listening and receptive.

For example, compLexity owner Jason Lake, is considered one of the founders of esports with his organization founded in 2004. He believes that the gaming house can be divided into three different eras.

“Esports 1.0 started with guys plowing through the family tunnel to get better,” Lake said. :In esports 2.0, we can see the birth of gaming houses. and in 3.0, we’re seeing a case-by-case approach. And in the case of compLexity, this means luxury apartments, proper food preparation, medical care and more.”

Lake and its organization are leading the way in providing players with different options in habitat and perks. CompLexity members have the choice between living together or living in luxury apartments, dining at the training table with members from the Dallas Cowboys. In addition, compLexity members have access to premium gyms with the help of professional trainers.

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However, they are not the only ones doing this. Cloud9 and NRG have also begun to understand and apply.

Jack Etienne, owner of Cloud9 and London Spitfire, has a bit of an eSports savvy. Over the years on the scene, he and his wife have turned several thousand dollars of their own into a successful esports franchise. Etienne also believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Making sure every member gets what they need is his top priority. Especially when it comes to gaming house form.

“Gaming house is a personal choice. Our players can move out to their own place if they like and we will assist with the setup and maintenance,” said Etienne. “We also have several houses and most of our players prefer to have the services we provide in a gaming house such as housekeeping, laundry, facility management, most expenses are covered. support, chef, and more.”

NRG and San Francisco Shock owner Andy Miller has a unique perspective. As well as a co-owner of the Sacramento Kings, Miller has worked with both professional athletes and esports players on a very financial scale.

“We actually have both houses and apartments. Some games and teams like our Counter-Strike guys really want to practice and get together,” Miller said. “They really like each other and are a real family. Five guys and a coach against the world. However, Overwatch is a much larger organization with 12 players and 5 coaches and managers, as well as a media management team, so a gaming house really isn’t an option. The irony is that NBA players are actually quite young these days and the unmarried almost all spend most of their time hanging out at friends’ homes. There are a lot of similarities.”

Having training facilities and housing is really hard if you don’t have the backing of investors like in the Overwatch League or the North American Championship. Causing quite a few teams to do what they need to do to survive. Some organizations don’t have the millions of dollars or extra resources to hire a coach or hire someone to do housework for these teams. In such cases, a decision must be made.

“If you are an organization that has just found the funds to bring players into the gaming house, but without supervision, think twice about this,” the experts said. “You have to consider all the factors. Think about what works best for your players, because without them your organization wouldn’t be able to function.”

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