Is the FaceApp app safe? Should I install it?

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Is it safe to use FaceApp? Should I install it?, … are questions that many users ask. So in the article below, will answer this question for you.

If you still hesitate, Is FaceApp app safe? Should I install it? Or does the application steal personal information of the user? , … . All answers will be in the following article of

is faceapp safe?  The computer is easy to use

Does the FaceApp application steal user information?

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What is FaceApp? Is it safe to install?

1. What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is a mobile application, available in both Android and iOS versions. The application is integrated with a series of filters and effects, using artificial intelligence to transform faces, turn young into old, turn male into female, … .

Is the facapp application safe and does not need to be installed?

2. Is the FaceApp app safe?

One of the issues that users are most concerned about today is whether the FaceApp application is safe or not? To find the answer, will first review how this application works.

To use FaceApp, users will first have to give the app permission to access the camera or camera roll. However, cybersecurity experts warn that granting access is not secure. The more parties have access, the more secure your data will no longer be.

Is Faceapp safe to use?

Furthermore, another concern is that FaceApp uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition software. In which, some users believe that facial recognition software is one of the tools that government agencies can use to “evade” the right to protect people and personal privacy, steal information. user information and targeted advertising.

For example, the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which involved the leak of the data of 87 million Facebook users, was used for political purposes. Or another example to mention is the photo storage application Ever, which sells user data to surveillance companies, … .

Regarding user privacy and policies, the company behind FaceApp confirms that the application collects user content, including images and related metadata, as well as collects phone ID ( are small data files or similar, and are unique, used to identify the user’s device)

Although FaceApp said it does not share this content with any 3rd parties, it is still legal to share it with subsidiary parties. Not to mention detailed data such as log files, cookies and IDs can be shared with 3rd party service providers.

3. Should you install FaceApp?

Basically most of the free apps and social networks collect user data. As simple as Facebook or Instagram, and typically the recently emerging video social networking application, TikTok collects user data for advertising purposes.

If you wonder if FaceApp is safe? Should I install the app or not? Actually the answer depends on you, if you accept to allow the application to access and get your personal information, you can install and use the application at any time, because there is a lot of information online. Warning message related to this “transforming” application.

is it safe to install faceapp?

And if you are interested in security related issues, recommends that you do not install the app. In addition, if you want to download and install apps, it’s best to visit sites of clear origin to avoid mistakenly downloading fake apps, viruses, disguised as apps.

Therefore you can refer to Top Apps like FaceApp but it’s safe to be able to choose for yourself the most appropriate application without worrying about data loss or other people accessing your phone.

The above article has just answered your question is FacAapp application safe? Should I install it? We hope that the above article has provided you with useful information and answered your questions.
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