Is it easy to fix Joycon analogue drift Nintendo Switch? 7 steps of self-replacement!

In the previous post nShop has instructions on how to fix the analog status of the Nintendo Switch Joy-con drifting By recalibrating in the device’s System Setting, but in the case of more severe cases needing to replace it, is it easy to repair the Nintendo Switch now? Can you do it yourself if you are in a hurry and do not want to leave the machine to the nShop store for the technical staff to do it for you? Let’s find out!

guide to replace joy-child analog self-repair Nintendo Switch

Fix Nintendo Switch Joy-con analog drifting easy?

Evaluate how easy it is to open the Joy-con Nintendo Switch

When it comes to fixing Nintendo Switch problem it sounds complicated but in reality this is simply replacing internal components. For those of you who have level of play “devastated” If this happens, the replacement of this part will be encountered at least 2-3 times in the life of the game machine. Fortunately, Nintendo has made everything almost incredibly simple that whatever “dreamer” any can be opened.

Evaluate the ease of disassembly of Joy-con in particular or the whole Nintendo Switch in general according to iFixit it’s at 8/10 – pretty easy. You only need the following tools:

  • 3-sided screwdrivers to open the Y-screw
  • 4-sided screwdrivers to open the screw +
  • Tweezers fold if your hand is not slender enough to connect the hoses between accessories
  • magnet (Option) to inhale the snail to avoid falling out

How to fix Nintendo Switch analog drifting

To fix your Nintendo Switch with analog drifting, you need to have all the accessories listed above and the Joy-con analog parts for replacement. Take the steps in turn:

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Open Joy-con's Y-screw

The Joy-con’s outer snail is the Y-shaped snail so you need it 3-sided screwdrivers to open it. Absolutely note to compare the small size of the screwdriver to see if the screw is equal or not, and when opened, be sure to avoid that the screw head will prevent you from opening unless you destroy the shell.

detachable joy-con repair Nintendo Switch

After removing the 4 Y-screws on the outside, gently separate the Joy-con cover. Note that the operation is careful because there is a wire between the main part and the slider cum SL SR to avoid breaking the wire – damage these 2 buttons.

Unscrew + on the Joy-con Nintendo Switch

Once created, you will find that you need to use it now 4-sided screwdrivers to open 3 + screws (Red circled image) to remove the upper Battery section. When removing the battery part, be careful that there is a latch connecting the button to the main, the part that connects the battery to the main. You need to carefully remove it gently.

remove the old Nintendo Switch analogue and replace it

After removing the old analogue, replace the new one and attach the cable to the latch as before, it seems that you have completed 80% of the repairing of Nintendo Switch. Now it’s just to reassemble everything by doing the reverse of the process just now.

analog joy-con nintendo switch

Re-screw everything A – Z. This step you should pay attention to avoid tightening the screw too hard. The next time you turn on the Nintendo Switch, it will be difficult for yourself because the screws are peeking.

Catch the snail for the Nintendo switch joycon

Finally, go back to System Setting to check and recalibrate once to achieve the highest analog accuracy. It’s convenient to test all the buttons while I repaired the Nintendo Switch by accident “healthy buffalo becomes lame buffalo” Any part not!

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Re-test the Joy-con Nintendo Switch

Although this is a very simple task, but if you are not too rushed in time, you should save this work for Nintendo Switch repair service at nShop because “Hundred or used manually”. Just one unfortunate mistake or failure can cause more damage to the device.

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