Is Alvaro Free Fire Awakened skill really strong?

In this Free Fire OB39 update, a completely new personality Alvaro appears, with a unique skill called Fission Bomb, the Awakened Alvaro skill deals powerful explosive damage that can take down a group of enemies. shelter in a certain location.

Alvaro is the next character with a special ability after Awakening, the skill Alvaro Awakened Free Fire Perfect for team fights, these grenades provide 30% more damage than the original, a suitable passive skill for those who regularly use grenades.

Alvaro's free fire book is full of magic

Everything you need to know about the character Alvaro Awakens

Details of the skill Alvaro Awakens in Free Fire

Alvaro Awaken – Alvaro Awakens will have a new unique skill called Fission Bombthis passive skill will split a thrown grenade into 3 parts, each split can deal 30% damage from the original, add firepower causing the enemy to lose more health, or even lie down. right here.
– Fission Bomb: 1 Second before exploding, the grenade will split into 3 smaller grenades, which can deal 30% damage compared to the original.

skill alvaro mastered in free fire

How to get Awakened Alvaro in Free Fire

To receive the Awakened Alvaro character in Free Free Fire is not simple, you first need to unlock it (own Alvaro normally), then go to the character list => select Alvaro => Awakened Alvaro => Awaken and execute Do the quest to unlock.

How to make face with vat alvaro in free fire

Each Awakened character requires players to complete a different challenge, after completing 3 missions you can activate the status, get Alvaro Free Fire Awakened and equip, use skills Fission Bomb.

After reading through the information about Alvaro Free Fire Awakened skill above, you probably know how strong this guy is, extremely useful for group players (4v4). If you don’t believe it, please Download Free Fire OB39 Advance Server trial version Go back and try to discover it, Taimienphi is sure you will like it.

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Not only Alvaro Awakens, Free Fire OB39 also adds a new character with equally powerful skills, Orion has the ability to absorb enemy HP and be immortal for 3 seconds, immune to all damage. New Orion Free Fire character skill details is what readers need to know before playing the new version.

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