Instructions to reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is Tencent’s most popular mobile survival game today. Despite the good game quality, players can’t help but complain about lag when experiencing this game, the following article we will guide you on some ways to help reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile effectively.

PUBG Mobile game officially launched on February 9, there are two versions, an official version and an expansion version. These are considered the true heirs of PUBG Bluehole. Finding solutions to reduce lag PUBG Mobile Efficiency is what many gamers care about.

how to stop lag when playing pubg mobile

Reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile most effectively

Link to download the latest PUBG Mobile:

=> Link to download PUBG Mobile for Android

=> Link to download PUBG Mobile for iPhone

How to reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile

Method 1: Use the Game Booster application

Game Booster has long been considered an effective application in making games work more smoothly and smoothly on mobile platforms. With foreign games like PUBG Mobile, only trying to ping high is inevitable, using Game Booster is a way for many gamers to choose when playing PUBG Mobile.

How to reduce lag when playing pubg mobile understand

How to fix lag when playing pubg mobile?

With just a few simple adjustments, you can bring the game you are playing to a more stable operating state, with less lag. The Game Booster application is rated as the best today when it comes to significant efficiency in the game experience.

=> Link to download Game Booster for Android

Method 2: Adjust the settings in the game PUBG Mobile

Adjusting settings in PUBG Mobile is equally important. Effectively setting the graphics in the game affects 90% of the smoothness or jerkiness while playing the game. You should check what PUBG Mobile game you are playing at the graphics settings. If you find it too high, lag, you can adjust it a little lower.

the effect of lag when playing pubg mobile on mobile phones

The editing settings in the PUBG Mobile game to reduce lag is important for the game experience, helping you to play the game more efficiently and comfortably. PUBG Mobile is the version that almost fully inherits the features that the PC version has.

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pubg mobile lag on android

Method 3: Use GFX Tool or BAGT Tool

GFX Tool and BAGT Tool are 2 of the best PUBG Mobile graphic optimization tools available today. In this guide will show you how to use GFX Tool to reduce lag when playing games.

To use GFX Tool to reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Google Play Store, find and download the GFX Tool app.

To download GFX Tool to your computer and install it, visit here.

=> Link to download GFX tool for Android

=> Link to download GFX tool for iPhone

fix lag when playing pubg mobile on phones

Step 2: Next, open the GFX Tool that you have just downloaded and installed.
Step 3: Select the version of PUBG Mobile that you install and are playing on your phone.
Step 4: Next tweak some of the settings below:

– Resolution (resolution): 1280(HD) or 1440(HD+).

– Graphics (graphics): So smooth or smooth.

– FPS: 60.

– Anti-aliasing: Disabled.

– Styles: Classic or Colorful.

– Rendering Quality (rendering resolution quality): Low.

– Shadows: Disabled.

– Shadow Distance: Low.

– Moving Shadows: Disabled.

– Texture Quality: Default.

– Effects Quality: Low.

– Improvements for Effects: Low.

– Objects LOD Distance: Low.

– Foliage LOD Distance: Low.

– Color Format: 32bit.

– Detail Mode: Default.

– Light Effects: Disabled.

– Graphics API: Vulcan.

– GPU Optimization: Enable.

– Sound Quality: Low or High.

– Save Controls: Enable.

Finally save these settings and the gaming experience is no longer lag.

Method 4: Activate 4xMSAA

Some developer settings also help fix lag and lag when playing PUBG Mobile, typically the 4xMSAA setting. MSAA stands for Multisample anti-aliasing, a type of anti-aliasing.

Note: 4xMSAA does not fix lag issues on all devices.

To enable developer options and enable the 4xMSAA setting, which helps to fix lag and lag when playing games, follow the steps below:

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Step 1: On your Android phone, find and open the Settings app.

Step 2: Find and tap About Phone.

Step 3: Click Build Version 10 times to enable developer options.

Step 4: At this point in the Android device settings will display options for developers.

Step 5: Your task is to enable the Developer Options option.

Step 6: Scroll down to find and set the options below:

– Enable Force 4x MSAA option.

– Set Window Animation Scale to 0.5x.

– Set Animation Duration Scale to 0.5x.

– Set Transition Animation Scale to 0.5x.

– Disable HW overlays.

how to play pubg mobile on mobile phone

Step 7: Restart your phone to apply changes and experience playing PUBG Mobile smoother, no longer lag, lag.

Method 5: Uninstall unnecessary applications

One of the main causes of lag when playing PUBG Mobile game is because there are too many applications running in the background, consuming a lot of RAM and system resources.

To fix the problem, the solution in this case is to uninstall unnecessary apps to free up RAM and memory.

Method 6: Free up memory space in the device

There are many ways to free up space and memory in the device, such as deleting large image files, videos, music files, … . The larger the memory capacity, the smoother the game play.

Method 7: Clear app and device cache

The cache data of apps installed on your device is stored in Phone => Android => data/obb. Even after uninstalling the application, this data remains on the device and takes up system resources.

To clear the application cache, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Press and hold the Volume button + Power button at the same time for 5 seconds. Depending on the device model you use, the steps may be slightly different.
Step 2: Next select the option Wipe cache option (clear cache).

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fix the problem of lag when playing pubg mobile

Method 8: Turn off apps running in the background

Another way to reduce lag when playing PUBG Mobile is to disable background applications as well as applications that launch with the system. This way to free up system resources, helping to improve gaming performance better.

On Android phones, you go to Settings (settings) => Permissions (permissions) => Autostart Apps (applications that start with the system).

pubg mobile game guide is better than on android device

Your task is to turn off all the applications on the list.

How to reduce lag when playing pubg mobile understand best

Method 9: Fix PUBG Mobile installation file error

Sometimes the cause may lie in the installation file (or APK file) of PUBG Mobile. It could be due to corrupted or corrupted files. In this case, simply uninstall, and reinstall the game to fix the problem.

Method 10: Install PUBG Mobile on internal memory

For best performance when playing PUBG Mobile, ideally install the game on internal memory. This is because the SD memory card is slower than the internal memory.

Method 11: Disable Battery Optimization

Most Android devices are equipped with Battery Optimization feature to help save and prolong device battery life.

When this feature is enabled, it also causes some problems related to lag and lag when playing PUBG Mobile.

Access Battery Settings (battery settings) =>Battery Saver => choose PUBG Mobile =>No restrictions to experience playing PUBG smoother.

fix lag when playing pubg mobile
Above is a summary of ways to help you fix lag when playing PUBG Mobile most effectively. However, in the early stages of the game, skydiving is also very important, so please refer to it How to skydive in PUBG Mobile will help you land faster in the early stages.

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