Instructions to receive costumes, gifts on Mini World Royale

Mini World Royale is a very hot survival shooter game right now, although it has not officially released, many people have installed and played the trial version of this game. Because currently the game system will send all players a lot of gifts as well as outfits, when they log into the game daily.

If you are new to this game and do not know how to receive gifts and costumes from the game? Today, would like to introduce the article instructions to receive costumes, gifts on Mini World Royale, invite you to consult

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Instructions to receive costumes, gifts on Mini World Royale

Step 1: First we will open Mini World Royale game, on your phone or on a computer simulator. Then go into account Guest that I’m playing.

Step 2: In the game lobby, press letter icon at the top of the screen.

Click on the letter icon

Step 3: In the item MailboxThere will be a lot of mailboxes with gifts that the system will send to players every day. Press the button Get it all to open all messages that I have not read.

Press the Get All button

Step 4: At this point all gifts include costumes, gold, character pieces, … The player received will be displayed on the screen. To receive all of these items, press the button Confirm.

Press the Confirm button

Step 5: To change outfits for our characters, let’s go back to the game lobby first, then click shirt icon.

Click on the shirt icon

Step 6: Let’s choose an outfit that I have in my pocket to wear for the character. However, there will be permanent items in the bag and some items will have a certain shelf life.

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Choose costumes for the character

Attention: Every day, the system of the Mini World Royale game will send players different gifts, so log into the game to not miss the attractive gifts of this game.

Wish you all success!

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