Instructions to play games hidden in Google Play on phones

If you are too familiar with the dinosaur game on Google Chrome every time you disconnect from the internet, but now to make it easier for everyone to be entertained when the network is disconnected, Google Play app store has released some hidden games. These games will appear when CH Play is not connected to the network.

What if you want to play a hidden game on the Google Play app store on your phone but don’t know how? Then today, will introduce the article Instructions to play games hidden in Google Play on phones are extremely simple, invite you to consult.

Instructions for playing hot air balloon game on Google Play

Step 1: In order to do this, we must first disconnect the network on the phone mine.

Step 2: After disconnecting from the internet, we will Open Google Play Store App Store on your phone.

Step 3: Now at the main interface of Google Play without an Internet connection, drag the screen down to the “In the meantime, you can“. In this section will show Hidden game Hot air balloon, Press the button Play to be able to play this game.

Step 4: Then, to be able to start playing this exciting hot air balloon game, tap the . button Begin.

Step 5: To get high score and play this game, tap the hot air balloon icon and move left or righti, to avoid the barbed fence obstacles and eat the high score balloons.

Step 6: If you hit a fence of thorns, the balloon will explode and end the game. Then on the screen will display the score you have achieved. Press the button Play again to start a new game, or tap the . button Exit to leave this hidden game.

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Video Game Tutorial hidden in Google Play

Wishing you success!

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