Instructions to download and play classic Pikachu on PC, PC

Classic Pikachu is an entertaining game that lasts over time with simple gameplay suitable for many players, not picky about computer configuration. Although it has been around for a long time, the classic Pikachu is still in the top of the most downloaded games online.

You can play online game Pikachu

Today, EmergenceInGame will guide you to download and play the game Classic Pikachu on the computer in the article below. Please refer.

Step 1: First, download the classic Pikachu to your computer

Step 2: Find the downloaded installation file and click it to start the installation

Click on the installation file

Step 2: Choose Up

Select forward

Step 3: You choose the components to install such as creating shortcuts on Start Menu, Desktop or Play immediately after installation and then press Up.

Components to install

Step 4: Please select the path for the game (if desired) and press Setting

Select game path

Step 5: You wait a moment for the installation to complete

Installation process

Step 6: After the installation is finished, you will see the game open and this is the initial look of the classic Pikachu. Please press Play to enter the game.

Top interface

The way to play classic Pikachu is quite simple, you just need to connect 2 similar pictures to score points and destroy them. Maybe when you first start playing, you will feel “dizzy” because the screen is small, and there are too many similar pictures. However, keep calm and observe carefully to find the right pair of similar pokemon.

A good experience for you is to focus on “sweeping” each area in the table in turn and then move on to another area to avoid confusion and miss any pairs of pictures.

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