Instructions: Super Mario Bros 35 – How to survive in Battle Royal!

Super Mario Bros 35 is now free to download on the Nintendo Switch eShop, which turns the classic platforming gameplay of Mario into a competition. battle royale with 35 players!

It sounds pretty busy here, and just like the version Tetris 99 battle royalAt first, it’s also quite gentle until the beams of light start pointing at you!

super mario bros 35 battle royal

If you’ve never played through Super Mario Bros. Or wondering how to win in Super Mario Bros 35 or just looking for tips to beat other players, nShop hopes this guide will help you in your first step into World 1. -first !!!

Basic knowledge – How to play Super Mario Bros 35

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The goal of the game

Super Mario Bros 35 doesn’t really explain the rules to you, so you’ll feel a bit confused when you first get into the game. Basically, your goal is to become Mario is finally standing in the screen.

This means it’s not a simple race to run to the flagpole – instead, your focus should be on “surviving” and watching other players slowly getting Knocked. out of the screen. There are a lot of things to consider and many different strategies you can choose from, but the first thing you should do is make sure you have a good grasp of Mario’s controls and understand how to take down different types of enemies. .

super mario bros 35


If you are familiar with Mario on the NES / Famicom / Electronics 4 buttonsSuper Mario Bros 35’s controls are also familiar. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • B: Press the B button to jump. Mario can stay in the air longer when you hold the B button.
  • Y: Press the Y button to run. This allows Mario to sprint – useful for long jumps and kicks his head with momentum.
  • D-Pad: This is simple. Mario can move left and right using the D-Pad.
  • X: Pressing X allows you to use a random item in the middle of a match, this is new.
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Step on the enemy head and hinder the opponent

One of the most important parts of Super Mario Bros 35 revolved around taking down enemies. We’re talking about Goombas (frowning dwarf fungus), Koopa Troopas (annoying baby turtles), Cheep Cheeps (pouty-puffed fish) – all the people who know their childhood, are smooth on each other, but sometimes it’s new. know the name. If interested you can see more posts Tail mushrooms and interesting things For more details.

The main reason for defeating these dogs is that they give you more time – instead of just rushing back to the flagpole. You’ll notice that every time you crush a Goomba, precious seconds are added to the clock in the right corner of the screen, a key factor that will help you win.

Super mario bros 35

How you defeat your opponent is also very important in Super Mario Bros 35. For example, crushing a Goomba will give you more bonus seconds than shooting it with defeating it with Fire Flower (which is the same Mario Swiping one shot shoots a lump of fire while eating that sparkling flower), and stomping on multiple Goombas in a row will add more time. Try and discover more of the best tactics!

In the end, any enemies you defeat will be sent straight to the opponent chosen as your target. If you notice any enemies graying out on your screen, they are a gift from the opponent “sent”. Continuing to defeat the enemy to make them fly to the opponent’s level of play and make “someone’s” life a little more difficult.

What are gold coins (coins) used for in Super Mario Bros 35?

Collecting Coins in Super Mario Bros 35, which may sound counterproductive at first – especially if you keep staring at that timer forever counting down – but you’ll want to collect as many as you can. there you go. But not these Coins are used to change networks as in Super Mario Bros. games traditional Where is it?

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By paying 20 Coins, you can get a random power-boosting item like Fire Flower or a Super Star from the Item Roulette (you can see it at the top left of the screen – just press X to click active). This can be of great help if the enemy is scattered across the screen and Mario is in a tiny state – you can even get the POW Block immediately and one hit to knock down every enemy on the screen.

gameplay super mario bros 35

Hoard Coins to ensure you have plenty of Item Roulette spins to keep things less stressful. Make sure you always have Fire Flower to be able to go far.

Which attack mode should you choose in Super Mario Bros 35?

There are four different attack modes to choose from in Super Mario Bros 35, it is located at the top of the screen, which can be selected by swiping the right control bar in the appropriate direction. Includes Random, Lowest Time, Most Coins and Attackers.

Your choice here is very important as it determines which real-life opponents will have to face off against all of your enemies that will be defeated.

what is super mario bros 35


Random will target any random player. This is not the smartest tactic, but if you are on top of things and don’t want to be distracted any more, then this is not a bad starting point.

Lowest Time

Lowest Time targets the player with the lowest remaining time on its own, meaning you’ll have a better chance of contributing more to taking down someone. If you want to get rid of the weakest competitor in the table quickly, this is a good way.

Most Coins

Most Coins may be the most useful option for experienced players. Here, you’ll make it harder for those with the most Coins, ready to use them for power ups that would have kept them alive in the game. The best players tend to collect as many Coins as possible, so why not go in there and interrupt their game?

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Attackers will target players currently attacking you, generally counter-attacking. Ironically, Attackers are actually a defensive option, hoping to put enough pressure on those who are targeting you as their target, to the point where they cannot send more enemies to you.

Tips and tricks in Super Mario Bros 35

It’s important to remember “surviving” is the battle royal’s goal. Don’t pressure yourself if you just try to get through the levels to achieve your goal in Super Mario Bros 35 – keep a steady pace, carefully collect Coins and defeat all enemies, yourself. Raise the level of the following screens.

Super mario bros 35

Practice! Practice! and practice! From the Main Menu of Super Mario Bros 35, you will notice that there will be a section called ‘Course Practice’. Here, you’ll be able to view unlocked levels without any pressure – it’s essential to learn the layout of each level.

A method to help traditional gamers get used to controlling the D-Pad to play ‘better’ is to try Hori’s Joy-con D-Pad, available at nShop:

You can enter battle with an equipped item, so why not equip it? Just before entering the battle, you will see a row of icons on the right side of the screen allowing you to spend Coins for items. Meaning you can jump right into World 1-1 with Fire Flower or Super Star – get in there and dominate from the start!

meow super mario bros 35

Hopefully this guide will get you closer to victory in the dramatic Super Mario Bros 35 battle royale battles. If you have any advice to help people stay longer in Super Mario Bros 35, please share your golden experience in the nShop comments or on the Facebook fanpage.

rank 1 super mario bros 35

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