Instructions on how to play Sova really effectively in Valorant

Details of the skill set, attack and defense methods when choosing this Hunter class

Sova one of free character available at the start of the game Valorant and one class Easy to play for beginners to first person shooters. Sova has quite effective map exploration and combat skills and is relatively easy to use. Let EmergenceInGame refer to specific details about Sova as well as the skills of this spy in the Valorant shooting game.

Details of all Agent characters in Valorant

Agent Sova in Valorant
Agent Sova in Valorant

1. Sova’s biography

Real name: #.

Nation: Russia.

Sex: Male.

Role: Open a fight.

2. Sova’s skill set

Skill 1 – Owl Drone:

  • Need 100 money – Most first store: Sova starts up 1 flycam controllable, capable of firing signals at the enemy. Can be canceled by pressing C or shot by the enemy.
  • Skill C of the Sova was Owl Drone. You can only buy one stack in his shop every round with 300 money. Sova deployment Owl Drone to give you a full vision POV of the Drone. The drone can fire a shot revealing any enemy it hits for a few seconds.
  • When Drone can give you a lot of information about your enemies Drone detection, the downside is Sova Can’t move in time Drone his is used. You need to stand in a safe position when controlling, otherwise you will be prey for the pioneers of the enemy team. Similar to Recon Bolt, Drone can be destroyed by the enemy team so use it wisely.

Skill 2 – Shock Bolt:

  • Request 100 money, Most 2 hoarding. Shoot out first arrow Touching the object will explode causing extensive damage. The closer you get to the center of the explosion, the more damage you take. Can damage allies and cause arrows to bounce by the number of right clicks before firing.
  • Skill Q of the Sova was Shock Bolt, you can buy two stacks During the purchase phase with each round 100 money. You can decide how far the nose is going by holding down the left mouse button to make the line of fire go further. Or you can also determine if it bounces by right clicking, up to twice, while arching and targeting.
  • In spite of Shock Bolt gives you a lot of damage to put pressure around impossible to shoot areas, like narrow corridors next to blind corners, but it won’t do enough damage to destroy bloody enemies. This skill is best used to finish off weak players or put pressure away from hot spots on the map.
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Typical Skills – Recon Bolt:

  • There is a cooldown 35 seconds. Firing an arrow, when it touches an object will emit 3 sound waves, exposing the location of all players in that radius to you and your teammates.
    The way to use this technique is the same Shock Bolt: Hold left mouse button to shoot further, right mouse button to bounce. The weak point is that the sound waves cannot detect an enemy if the person is behind a door, crate, or ability to block vision. Furthermore, the enemy can destroy the upper nose before and after impact. To get around this problem, you can sneak an arrow at the enemy. Then wherever that person goes, his location will be detected.
  • E of the Sova was Characteristic Competencies his, Recon Bolt. In the same way as Shock Bolt, Keeping your left click will determine the distance the arrow is fired and you can right click to decide the number of times it bounces. When your arrow lands, it will emit a wave that can detect enemies within a fairly wide landing range.
  • Because this is Unique Skills of the Sova, Skills will recharge later 35 second cooldown. If you use it early enough in a round, you can use it again in the round.
  • In spite of Recon Bolt give you a lot of data about the enemy’s location in a fast way, Recon Bolt can also be destroyed by the enemy when it lands. Make sure you crawl you quickly before it gets destroyed.

Ultimate Skill – Hunter’s Fury:

  • Shoot out 3 energy flows wall penetrates damage and reveals enemy locations.
  • Ultimate of the Sova was Hunter’s Fury. Sova Draws his bow and can shoot up to three long-range energy waves that can penetrate walls in a short amount of time. Although the energy waves do massive damage and travel across the entire map, you still need to make sure your target is at the correct position within your target range.
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Best offensive strategy when playing Sova

Spike is the decisive item to win in a Valorant match, so you or your teammates can hold Spike. But if a teammate wears it, it will be an advantage that Sova can use Drone early in each round to clear the path for your team, providing them with data on enemy locations in blind spots on the map. If you lure the enemy to shoot Drones, Your team can quickly capture enemy positions and hit them before they become targets.

In addition, after Drone Your battery is exhausted, the usage Recon Bolt When the map is silent will give you an edge over your opponents. If you cannot detect the enemy with your skill then it is also a plus for the path to the set Spike.

Effective defense tactics for the Sova

Because Sova can gather a lot of information when there is a good location, you can cover a place alone Spike and let my team move to the remaining areas. Drone and Arrow Recon Your team will help detect multiple enemies trying to rush into an area and if so, you can quickly bring your team back to you for a fight.

When you know enemies are approaching your area, skill Hunter’s Fury Ultimate Your team can be used as an extremely effective tool to destroy the enemy team. Don’t be afraid to use your ult knowing they can be dodged quite easily. In return for using your ultimate, you gain valuable time allowing your team to take a good position or give. Spike explosive.

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Points to note when you want to choose Sova

In the first rounds when the economy is tight, you should have at least one Drones, an arrow Recon your armor and at least one type of armor. This allows you to be a powerful pioneer who can also provide lots of useful data and information to your team as well as become a team carry. Take some time in the match to find the nice corners for Arrow Recon and practice them. Despite the fact that you can’t hit those corners every time during stressful times of a match, you will still have the knowledge to use them in the slower moments of the game, which will Surprise your enemies and use skills more effectively.

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