Instructions on how to install 3DS games using FBI

Instructions for installing 3DS games by FBI

For those of you using hacked 2DS / 3DS machines, it is no stranger to using the FBI to install 3DS games in CIA format. However, some new users still do not remember how to do, how to install the game, delete the game … Today Shop would like to give a brief guide on how to use the FBI program on the hacked 3DS machine.

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Through this article, you will find it easier to install the game, manage the game and manipulate on your 2DS / 3DS hack.

I. What is the CIA?

The CIA here is not the US Central Intelligence Agency, but it is CTR Importable Archive by Nintendo. Literally is a software package that can be imported into the 3DS machine system. Most of the 3DS games that are posted to Nintendo’s eShop shared online are in .cia format – some reworked games or homebrews also export to this popular format. It is like a game installation file on the computer (3DS) you must have the program to install it on your computer (3DS) your.

For 2DS / 3DS hacked machines and if you want to play the game, you must download the game file in .cia format and install it on your computer. We installed with the FBI program.

II. How to install 3DS games with .CIA extension using FBI:

When entering the FBI the first interface appears as below:

The FBI 3DS program

In which the most important you need to know is the part:

  • SD – Your memory card, for game or app you copy to .CIA format device
  • Titles – Manage games / apps installed in your device. This section is available if you want to quickly delete a game or app installed with the FBI, however If it is safe and simplest, go to System Setting on your computer -> Data Management -> 3DS -> Software to delete the game you do not want to play. because in Title of the FBI there are a number of system apps, if you delete them by mistake, your computer will fail.
  • The rest are not interested.

Go to SD card 2DS – 3DS install the game

When on SD (Move to SD and press A) that is, you have access to your memory card. The bottom screen of the machine will have a line of basic instructions for manipulating the FBI, including:

  • D-Pad: Move up and down the command line. You can press right to left to move up and down quickly.
  • A: Choose
  • B: Back
  • X: Refresh (In the case the memory card has changed)
  • Select: Refines

Move to the Game folder (Or the CIA depending on the name of the folder you create) contains .CIA file – Why did I create this folder and leave the game in it? Game shops also often put the .cia format game into the directory instead of leaving the root of the memory card. Because in this FBI program you can copy, move or delete files as you like. This is relatively dangerous for hacking machines because deleting the CFW’s file system by mistake will not boot the machine. So to avoid unfortunate mistakes, create a game copy folder to help you manage more easily.

Move to the .cia game file you want to install and press A on the menu below will appear

Interface install game 3DS FBI

The information on both screens in the FBI program is quite intuitive and easy to understand. On the screen above there will be Game name and game icon with the following parameters:

  • My game file is mariow.cia
  • My game file size is 4.5 MB
  • Free memory card space required to install the game: 4.88MB
  • Region: Region Free (No partitioning)
  • The bottom line of the screen above will show: The SD card capacity is available – you will need to keep this in mind because the game you install always needs more free cards than the required capacity.

The screen below will be the menu:

  • Install CIA – Install that CIA file
  • Install and delete CIA – Install the CIA file and delete the installation file
  • Delete – Delete the file
  • Rename – Rename the file
  • Copy
  • Paste

Now you want to install that game just select Install CIA or Install and delete CIA Press A for the program to run the installation. During installation if it feels too long (eg 3GB game file) If you have urgent work, you can press B to cancel (uninstall). After the installation is complete you can press Home to go to the Home Menu – the Game / App you installed will appear as a gift package that needs you to open a gift – similar to downloading a game / app from eShop.

*** Why there is Delete CIA and Install & Delete CIA: New users who do not understand the problem still wonder if they install the game and then delete the CIA file, why not? Lost the game? And delete that CIA file for what? Simply like a computer game, you download the .exe installation file to install the game, after installation you have to delete the installation file so that your hard drive is light, blank and can install other games. The CIA is the same thing, you download it online to just install the game file, you want to play the game you have to copy to the memory card and use the FBI to install that game, after installing it you should delete it to make room for other games . The FBI has a better item than Title Manager that is Install and delete – Helps you 1 button 1 can execute the installation command and delete the installed file, squeeze the peel ^^ Or you can carefully choose Install and then click on Delete manually again.

*** Tips to quickly install many games without having to select install and delete each game:

When you move into the Game folder containing the cia files, the first line is , you choose on the line that will appear Menu as shown below:

nShop instructions to install 2DS and 3DS games

  • Install all CIAs – Install all the CIA, but do not choose this line except you are confident your memory card 128GB or 256GB ^^
  • Install and delete all CIAs – Install and delete all CIA. This line will be the main issue that the shop mentions, when you choose the program the FBI will install each game on your computer in turn, after installing any game, delete the CIA game file, leave the card empty and install the next game. A small note when using this feature is that you need to have at least the available card space that is required for the free card to install the heaviest game. Avoid the case of relying on the computer to install the game, then go out and see that nothing has been installed because there is not enough free space to install the heaviest file.
  • The rest of the commands are the same for the odd file command, except that you execute it against all the files in the Game directory.

So you know how to install CIA games through the FBI easily, “playboy” You can dig through the rest of the FBI to learn more about the program’s extremely powerful features. Still “idle” then temporarily just install the game with the FBI to touch the other parts, the shop will guide you in the following article if you want to find out.

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