Instructions on how to change and reset password level 2 in FIFA Online 4 game

Soccer game FIFA Online 4 peak with the updated version in September has officially updated high security mode with password level 2. Through this level 2 password the security of your game account is almost absolute, in addition we can use the 2nd level password to get back the level 1 password if forgetting or having 1 problem. happening.

The two-layer security mechanism is no longer new to current games. However, Garena has forced FIFA Online 4 gamers to enter a 2-layer password at the first login after the FIFA Online 4 update is completed, so we will be confused, leading to the creation of a password that is not close or easy to remember. . Our guide below will help you change your password level 2 and perform a second level password reset on FIFA Online 4 in a quick and simple way.

How to change the password level 2 in FIFA Online 4

Step 1:

At the screen to select the club, click to select the button with the key icon in the right corner of the screen.

Password change interface

Step 2:

The Set Password 2 interface appears, select to Change the password.

Step 3:

In the Set 2nd level password window enter your new second level password and tap Confirm to complete.

Instructions on how to change and reset password level 2 in FIFA Online 4 game

How to reset password level 2 in FIFA Online 4

Note: To reset the 2nd level password we need to remember the secret question entered when registering the 2nd level password.

Step 1:

Visit the FIFA Online 4 support page:

Login support

Step 2:

Log in to your Garena account and need to reset your 2nd level password.

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Step 3:

At the main interface of the Garena support page, please select Support -> FIFA Online 4. Then drag down to the bottom select Submit request form.

Step 4:

We will continue to enter personal information as well as the problem to be resolved as follows:

  • Theme: Select FIFA Online 4.
  • Problem: Ingame account -> Choose to reset your second level account.
  • Full name: Enter your first and last name.
  • Contact email address: Enter the correct email registered for your account.
  • Phone number: They can be contacted if needed.
  • Transaction information: The most recent interface with some questions related to your biggest transaction.
  • Coach’s name: The name of the trainer you choose in the game.
  • Logout / Login: Enter your last login time.

Then press Submit a support request.

Send require

Step 5:

If your information is completely correct, a technical staff will call and assist you in getting the second level password.

Above we have instructed you how to change and reset password level 2 in the game FIFA Online 4. Hope you will do it successfully to secure your account information with your huge amount of BP.

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