Instructions for using FaceU on the phone

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With FaceU’s “divine” photo editing tool, you will instantly have beautiful and unique photos to post on social networks, show off to your friends… Learn how to use FaceU on your phone with phone in the article below.

FaceU is one of the photo editing applications used by many young people today. This photography app is integrated with hundreds of different filters, with unique effects and many beautiful sticker sets. Besides, FaceU is also equipped with face beautification editing tools to help your selfie photos become much more sparkling.

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How to edit photos on your phone with the FaceU application

Instructions for using FaceU on the phone

1. Download and install the application

Step 1: Download the FaceU application for Android phones, iPhones directly from the CH Play store, the App Store by following the link below:

=> Link to download FaceU for Android
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=> Link to download FaceU for iPhone
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Step 2: On the website interface to be redirected to, press arrow button –> Press Setting to download the FaceU photo editing application to your phone.

how to edit him on phone with faceu app

Step 3: Start the App, press Acceptance to agree to the terms and conditions of use.

how to edit english on android phone with faceu app

Step 4: Press Allow to agree to grant FaceU permission to access certain functions on the phone.

how to edit him on iphone with faceu app

2. Basic User Manual

With FaceU, you can take photos directly or use existing photos in your phone’s gallery to edit.

As in the instructions below, will select the available photo editing function by clicking on the item. Albums –> Select the photo in the phone to be edited.

how to take selfie with faceu app

The FaceU app’s photo editing interface will include the following tools:

Filter: Built-in a lot of filters with different colors and themes to help you freely choose to match the context and details in the photo.

faceu ear for android

Label: Hundreds of extremely funny and cute icons and stickers are integrated for you to insert into your face (Only applicable for selfies with faces)

faceu ear for iphone

Beautify: With tools such as Smoothing, whitening, slimming Vline chin, lifting nose, fixing forehead… help you own “spotless” portraits.

use faceu on mobile phone 8

In addition, in the Beauty function there is also a feature Make up . Here you can apply lipstick, blush, edit eyebrows, dye hair…

faceu using faceu on phone 9

Adjust: With this function, you can edit the color, brightness, contrast, saturation… for the image to be edited.

faceu use faceu on phone 10

The process of editing and setting is complete, to download the image to your phone, you select the function Save.

faceu use faceu on phone 11

Above is a guide to using FaceU on phones about the basic and common editing features available on this tool. Through this article, hopes that you will easily have yourself beautiful and impressive photos to share on Facebook, Zalo, Instagram…
With photos taken on FaceU, after editing, there are often App logos attached to the photo. If you feel that these logos hide important details on your photos, you can refer to how Remove the Faceu logo on the captured photo HERE

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