Instructions for setting the sensitivity and DPI of the best Valorant game mouse

Mouse and screen are the two most important factors to decide success or failure in Valorant. So with the guide to setting the sensitivity and DPI of the best Valorant game mouse that shares, you will be able to have a great gaming experience like never before and accordingly your chances of winning will also be increased. higher. Find out now!

For players of FPS games, especially games Valorant hot hit, sometimes winning is not just by luck or they have good skills but because of the mouse they use to play the game. Accordingly, to get the best gaming experience, the first thing that gamers care about is adjusting mouse sensitivity and DPI. So how can you set the mouse sensitivity and DPI? Please refer to the manual now Valorant gaming mouse DPI and sensitivity settings The best thing that shares in the article below, please!

how to change data from speed and dpi in valorant game

How to set the best Valorant game mouse sensitivity and DPI

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1. Turn off mouse acceleration to adjust mouse sensitivity

This is one of the first things to do if you want to start your goal improvement journey. Why is mouse acceleration a problem? Simply put, it’s Windows’ way of trying to help you increase the accuracy of your pointer when you move the mouse. While this is great for when you’re using the mouse, when you need maximum accuracy, especially when playing Valorant, it can be a huge obstacle. So turn it off because all mouse movements from there will be completely yours and yours alone. To disable this feature, follow these instructions:

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– Step 1: Type “mouse settings” into your Windows search bar.

– Step 2: Choose “Change your mouse settings“.

– Step 3: Click on “Additional mouse options“.

– Step 4: Select the tab “Pointer Options

– Step 5: Uncheck the box “Enhance Pointer Precision

– Step 6: Click on “Apply” in the lower right corner and then select OK

how to cat data by jumping in the game valorant

2. How to set mouse sensitivity in the game Valorant

In addition to turning off mouse acceleration as mentioned above can help you improve your mouse sensitivity, there is another simpler way that you can do in the game itself. Accordingly, follow the instructions to set the mouse sensitivity as follows:

– Step 1: Click on the menu in the top left corner when entering the game. Choose “Settings

– Step 2: Go to tab “General” and find the option Mouse Sensitivity

– Step 3: Adjust the mouse sensitivity to your liking.

The result is the best performance and the best dpi for playing the game valorant

3. How to set DPI game mouse Valorant

Besides setting mouse sensitivity, another thing that you also need to pay attention to when playing Volorant or any other shooting game is the DPI of the mouse. The first advice is that you should invest in a good mouse and if possible you should buy gaming mice from famous brands such as Logitech, Zowie, Steelseries or Razer. Although it is a bit expensive, you will definitely be surprised with the effect it gives you when playing games.

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how to adjust dpi for valorant game

Once you’ve equipped yourself with a good mouse to play with, you now begin the process of adjusting the mouse DPI settings. Depending on the type of mouse, there will be 2 ways to set the DPI of the Valorant game mouse. The first is that you adjust the button on the mouse and the second is that you go to the official software of the mouse company that you bought to adjust. You can set the mouse DPI at 2 levels as follows:

Low DPI (400-800)

When setting the mouse DPI at this level, you need to pay more attention to each cursor movement because it is quite slow. Your wrists and arms will have to work more, you will also need to use a slightly larger mouse pad. Besides, when playing you also have to aim more carefully, more smoothly.

High DPI (1000+)

A mouse DPI of 800 or higher gives you the advantage of faster responsiveness and better targeting without having to work your wrist too much. However, too much and fast mouse movement can sometimes affect pointer accuracy. Everyone thinks that the taller the better, but that’s not the case. Mouse DPI is set too high, it will not be favorable for playing Valorant, which seems to be suitable only for MOBA or RTS games.

What is the reasonable level of DPI setting for Valorant game mouse?
The DPI level will depend on your preferences as well as your mouse and gaming habits. However, one piece of advice is that you should try the 400, 800 levels before experimenting with higher levels to see which works for you. Each time you install the mouse DPI, you should immediately test the Valorant gaming experience right away to choose the DPI level to help you win the fastest Valorant game! Good luck! When such information comes out, it is a reason to consider contacting well-known online game developers as they can implement these ideas in the form of games so that they are not only interesting for Poki game lovers but also for anyone who uses the internet to search for information. In addition, you can refer to List of guns in the game Valorant the best here.

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