Instructions for playing Ganyu – Ice-type Coconut Goat in Genshin Impact

Ganyu is the next character to appear in the banner of the latest version in Genshin Impact. Really this is a character expected by many gamers. With a 5-star level, beauty and strength at the peak, she will definitely be the card of the brothers. Genshin Impact on the battlefield.

Weapon for Ganyu – Coconut Goat Direction DPS

Prioritize selection by rank:

  • Amos Palace > 5-star Palace > Moon Moon Pattern > Black lava, blue color.

God of Objects for Ganyu – Coconut Goat Direction DPS

Should use Set of 4 Tapes or set of 4 wandering singing troupe. Specifically:

  • The 4-band set will be more appreciated in combat because for stable DPS then Ganyu need to shoot a lot. Instead of swapping to put a fire seal that melts x1.5 damage, during that time use Ganyu 2 shots will be faster. Sure, the DMG weight will be 10% lower than the 4 troupe troupes, but 20% crit will increase, so the DPS will be better.

Lineup Ganyu – Coconut Goat direction DPS

DMG comes from the weight of Ganyu is quite large, so this team has little Swap, leading to the team’s Rage will take a long time, encouraging everyone to use support champions with Elemental skill, Shield Creation (resistance to being cut off from taking damage).

DPS is Ganyu should have DPS support, the fire-type Nuker in the team is very beneficial when meeting the Ice Slime.

Prioritize long sleeves because Ganyu need to keep distance to optimize DMG from Amos, dodge DMG from monsters to avoid interrupting weight. Here are the strongest lineups in ranking order:

  • Ganyu, support healing, fire-type characters, water-type characters (the advantage is high versatility, strong when soloing all levels, towers).
  • Ganyu, Diona/QiQi (Character buffs Shield or supports Healer), Diluc/Xinyan/Klee (Fire type character or use Heavy Sword), Childe/Xingqiu/Mona (Water type character).
  • Ganyu, Babara (Locational water character supports Healer), Zhongli (Shield Buff), Klee/Diluc/Xiangling/Xinyan (Fire type character).
  • Ganyu, Venti/Sucrose (Support healing and create amplification effects) (Clear is fast, suitable for returning).
  • Ganyu, Venti/Sucrose, Characters go to support Healer( Xingqiu/Barbara will be stronger than QiQi/Diona), Reactive damage support (Ranking combo ratio Klee > Diluc > Xiangling, Xinyan).
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  • .’s Q move Ganyu inflicts a continuous ice effect on monsters, the duration of Q is quite long 15s (lv8). Ganyu is an extremely powerful sp for a team with fire-type DPS. Appearance Ganyu Not only does it carry DPS for the ice system in the game, but it also buffs a lot of the fire-type characters.

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