Instructions for loading cards in the game Play Together

Play Together is a life simulation game, role-playing is most interested and experienced by many young people today because of the interesting features in the game such as meeting and chatting with people all over the world. In the process of playing the game to be able to equip your character with special items, you need to have a lot of money or gems. In addition to participating in quests, in order to have a lot of money and gems, players need to deposit money in this game.

What if you want to add more money and gems to this game but don’t know how to do it? Then today, will introduce the article Instructions for loading cards in the game Play Together, invite you to consult.

Instructions to recharge more money and gems on the game Play Together

Step 1: To do this, we will first open the game Play Together on my phone, then account login your.

Step 2: When you have successfully logged into your account, at the main interface of the game click on diamond icon (to load gems) or banknote icon (to recharge).

Tap the diamond or money icon

Step 3: At this time, the screen will display different recharge packages corresponding to the number of gems and the amount, choose a recharge package want to add to the game.

Choose a recharge package

Step 4: On the phone screen, a window appears Purchase confirmation, let’s touch the amount you want to deposit into the.

Touch the amount you want to deposit

Step 5: Then frame Google Play confirmation window appears, then press the . button Buy with 1 tap.

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Touch the Buy button with 1 press

Step 6: Enter your email address password yours, then tap the . button Verification.

Enter your email address

Step 7: Wait for a slice of gems or money will quickly be added to your game account.

In addition, you can also do Same card recharge for Play Together game on iPhone when using an iCloud account.

Wishing you success!

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