Instructions for installing and playing the game Pig come then for the beginners

Piggy Boom (Piggy Boom) is a game that is attracting a lot of young people to participate today. With gameplay like a game Pirate Kings But in this game there are very cute and funny graphics with the image of a pink pig.

When playing Piggy is coming, our important task is to make a lot of money to build our pig island beautiful by rotating the lucky wheel. But everyone must also protect the island from being bombarded by friends, and we can also take revenge or destroy someone else’s island. If you really want to participate in this game then invite everyone to join us for the tutorial to download and play Heo come and then for beginners.

Instructions for installing and playing Piggy come now on the phone

1. Instructions to download Pigs come and then on your phone

Here’s how to install Piggy Boom on Android, and you can do the same on iOS or click the download button below.

Download Pig arrived already on Android Download Pig arrived already on iOS

Step 1: Click on the icon of the application CH Play on your phone.

Step 2: Enter keywords Piggy Boom then search.

Open CH PlayEnter keywords and search

Step 3: Press Setting, to start the game download time.

Step 4: After the download of the game to your phone is finished, tap and button Open to start playing this game.

Press InstallClick Open

2. Pig play is here for beginners

Once you have installed and opened this game on your phone, the first thing we need to do is create an account by logging into Facebook or pressing the button. Traveler. Once you have a game nick, everyone can start playing.

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Step 1: Click hammer at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to build and decorate your island.

Step 2: Buy decorations by clicking on the items you want to place on your island.

Sign in with FacebookClick on the hammer iconBuy decorations

Step 3: Because when creating an account you will receive 70,000 gold coins to build the island. If everyone uses up then swipe the screen to the right to get to the lucky wheel.

Step 4: Press the red button yes pirate icon at the bottom of the screen to start spinning the lucky spinner to get more rewards.

Attention: When the turn is over, everyone will have to wait 1 hour to receive a certain number of more turns.

Step 5: It’s a pity if your island is destroyed by your friends, but don’t be sad because you can also get revenge by going to the lucky wheel and then rotating and be rewarded with a cannon.

Step 6: We’ll go over to the friend’s house that cleared his island, then you press on one any object but I want to shoot. You can also destroy other players’ islands.

Rotation luckClick on objects to bombard the island

Step 7: Click the button three yellow dash below the screen to explore more items such as Island Construction, Gold Island, Shop, Interaction, Leaderboards, …

Click the icon for three dashesOther items

Step 8: Click paper sheet icon to start quests and receive many attractive rewards after completing.

Click the paper iconTaking mission

Above are instructions for installing and playing the game Pig comes and then for beginners, we hope that after following the article, everyone will have a new game to entertain in their free time.

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Wish you all success!

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