Instructions for installing and playing Body Race game on your phone

Body Race is a game that simulates weight loss get back in shape, in this game we will have to control a girl walking on a road full of obstacles that are different types of food, or fitness equipment such as: green vegetables , fruit, dumbbells, self-balancing car, …. Your mission is to help the obese girl go all the way, she will get a balanced figure and wear a birth dress.

Currently, this simulation game is being loved by many people and downloaded to play, so why don’t you install and play this game on your phone. To help people discover many interesting things from this interesting game, today will introduce the article. Guide to install and play Body Race game for beginners, invite you to consult.

Instructions to install Body Race on the phone

Here are the steps to install Body Race game on Android, you can do the same for iOS, or press the . button Download the following to quickly download the game to your phone.

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