Instructions for completing the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro event

PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro is a new special event. The developer has added new subway lines to the legendary Erangel map, and they will change the gameplay of PUBG. Here’s how to play and win on the map Erangel Metro by PUBG Mobile.

Map of Erangel Metro in PUBG Mobile

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Instructions for completing the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro event

Overview of PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro

This new event takes place at Erangel 2.0 maps in PUBG Moible. To access the Metro map, you need the options section Game Mode, select the map Erangel and touch Event. This action will activate the Metro lines on the map, allowing you to enter this special mode immediately.

In this spawn island, you will see a broken train with some locations and tracks on the mini-map. It looks quite similar to the old Erangel spawn island. You can climb above this train but it won’t run.

The aforementioned positions are marked with capital letters with a number such as A1 to A6, B1 to B4 and C1 to C5. However, their paths and positions will change with each match. Alternatively, you can turn subway lines on or off on the mini map.

New map in PUBG Mobile Metro

You can choose to land on locations during the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro event to explore this submarine line. You can go to your favorite places to loot and play as usual. The location of subway stations and lines will be changed frequently as mentioned above.

The gameplay of PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro

After landing at the subway stations, you can run around to loot things before going inside. If you are ready to go to war, you can enter the train station right away because it is always a hot spot for skirmishes. You can also loot some weapons and items here, but they are not enough for the whole team.

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There are two types of metro stations in this new mode, including safe zones and radioactive zones. In the safe zone, you can play as usual. However, if you get into a radioactive area, you need a special outfit to protect yourself.

When the train arrives, you can go to the next departure station the train arrives. In addition, train arrival and departure times are also available here. Two trams stopped at the same place. You can choose to hop on the train to get to the desired destination.

Radioactive areas in PUBG Mobile

In the radioactive area, HP will decrease if you do not protect yourself. In addition, this area also has a monster in the radioactive train station with boxes of utensils. You must defeat it to pick up that barrel and get rare weapons like the AWM, Groza, AUG A3 or Mk14 …

You can select the train to the left or right to get to the desired location. If you get on the train in a safe zone, be prepared as you will get off at the radioactive station where there are monsters and rare items. Monsters will attack you when you shoot or approach it.

Step into the metro station to get where you want in PUBG Mobile

Tips to play PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro

This is a new mode with a lot of completely new features and gameplay. Therefore, you need some tips and tactics to soon win in PUBG Mobile’s Erangel Metro mode.

  • First, choose the location you want to land. Train stations are “hot-drop” spots, such as Pochinki, Hospital, and Rozhok that are often potentially dangerous.
  • You should not enter the subway station immediately after landing. Go around and loot all the essentials like weapons, first aid kits, helmets, backpacks, bullets …
  • Ready for immediate battle at subway stations. There are not enough items for the entire team, so loot your items in nearby areas first.
  • Ambush in safe zone can destroy some enemies as they get off the train. Your opponent can use this tactic as well. Therefore, you need to be ready to fight. Don’t get off the train right away. Stand still, watch, and listen around to make sure nothing suspicious.
  • Always accompany your teammates and cooperate with them to eliminate the enemy team or monsters faster before they have a chance to kill you.
  • If you play alone, make sure you have enough supplies and equipment to survive in this dangerous map.
  • When entering Metro, do not go together, send a scout first, another will wait at the entrance to assist and revive the scout if unfortunately defeated.
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Above are the things you need to know and how to complete the PUBG Mobile Erangel Metro challenge. Please share with any other PUBG Mobile tips you know!

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