Important settings that PUBG Mobile players often forget

While playing the survival game PUBG Mobile, we often ignore the game settings but merely play the game by default. This may help us not to accidentally change some basic settings, affecting the game play. But it will also cause gamers to miss out on a few features or be unable to play this shooter with the best experiences.

The following article will introduce you to some important settings while playing PUBG Mobile to get certain advantages as well as better game play.

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Important tweaks when playing PUBG Mobile

Survival shooter PUBG Mobile

Turn on / off auto pick up in PUBG Mobile

Changing and adjusting the toy pick-up mode when playing PUBG Mobile will sometimes create different effects. For new players, when Auto pick-up is on, they will be supported to pick up the necessary items and items without spending too much thought.

For those who are already familiar with, they want to turn off the self-pick up mode to reduce the time to pick up or to discard leftovers, to get more space in the Bag for other items.


How to enable / disable self-pick up mode in PUBG Mobile

Customize PUBG Mobile game mode

If you are playing new update’s PUBG Mobile It is important to know that the firm has made certain changes in configure and set up the camera while playing game. Now, instead of just being able to view it in default mode, we can also change the word display first view (FPP) to third view (TPP) and vice versa.

Select Map


  • You launch the game, at the first interface, click the icon of Map, item Select Mode, then click the display mode you want.

Select display mode when shooting PUBG Mobile

This change not only helps players have a better viewing angle, but also offers different experiences and is suitable for players who are not used to looking at the first player’s machine angle.

Adjust the quality of PUBG Mobile graphics

This is a pretty important setting, not only helps us see a better, smoother image, but if fine tuned, can also easily spot enemies lurking in the woods or in thick grass bushes. Another advantage of adjusting the image quality is that through this manipulation the player can FPS adjustment of the game to be more consistent (avoid image jerky, lag …).

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Adjust the game graphics PUBG Mobile


  • At the main interface of the game, select the icon Settings in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select next item Graphics on the right.
  • Adjust the modes Graphics and Frame Rate on the left side to suit the configuration of the device you are using.

Activate tilt mode when shooting PUBG Mobile

Leaning when shooting is not a small advantage when playing shooters in general and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game on mobile in particular. Imagine if you and one or more opponents are fighting a gun at a distance, you are hiding behind a tree or a wall.

At this point, if you want to attack, there is no other way is to move completely out to see your opponent, but it also means that you are exposing your entire body. If you activate and use the tilt-and-shoot mode in PUBG Mobile, just press Q or E to tilt your body and attack your opponent, while being safe and ensuring your location is not revealed.


  • You guys access Settings / Basic and Enable item Peek & Fire up is okay.

Activate the Gyroscope gyroscope in PUBG Mobile

Gyroscope is a great feature and extremely useful, can make you become a marksman, hit hard, but at the same time is also one of the most overlooked features.

Activate GyroScope mode in PUBG Mobile

Talking about Gyroscope (also known as gyroscope in professional terms), this is a specialized term and is used in mobile devices. In simple terms, this feature is used for the device to automatically detect whether the screen is either portrait or landscape, and then turn the frame to portrait or landscape mode and have direct impacts on the screen. game is playing.

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  • Into the Settings / Basic and change the item Gyroscope Fort Scope On.

With PUBG Mobile As with other shooters, activating this feature is one of the must-have settings, which will make aiming more precise, especially while you or your opponent is on the move ( Absolutely effective if the player shoots PUBG Mobile on the phone).

Activate Aim Assist while playing PUBG Mobile

Aim Assist is a feature that assists the target while aiming. If PUBG Mobile on PC may not be necessary because aiming and shooting with the mouse is usually much easier when playing on a phone. Therefore, Aim Assist Only really works if you’re playing on mobile.

Shooting mode support in PUBG Mobile


  • Into the Settings / Basic and change the item Aim Assist to mode Enable.

Set to automatically open doors in PUBG Mobile

It doesn’t sound that important, given the fact we can use it F key to open the house door while PUBG MobileBut in rare cases, some items fall near the door and if you keep using the key, the character just stands there and opens / closes the door, unable to pick up the item.

Another thing is that the automatic door opening will also help players spend less time and more convenient while loot.

Turn on automatic opening for PUBG Mobile


  • Into the Settings / Basic and change the item Auto-open doors to mode Enable.

Change the size and position of icon keys

One thing that is quite inconvenient for mobile game players is that the screen is quite small, while the finger manipulation is too big or the UI is too dense, making the selection, use of a feature, the operation. that becomes a lot more difficult. Sometimes, even a “tap” mistake makes you pay the price by going back to the lobby to start a new game.

PUBG Mobile has a smart setup that allows players to resize icons Bigger, smaller or even change their default position to a more convenient and comfortable location.

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  • Into the Settings / Controls
  • Select Next Customize below

Click on Customize

  • Adjust the position of the icons as well as their sizes

PUBG Mobile default play buttons

  • After the adjustment is complete, click Save to save and Exit to get out.

Buttons after changing

Enable PUBG Mobile graphics auto-tuning

A special feature when players use this feature is that not only does the device run the game with the most suitable graphics quality, but when the device has hot, slow or low battery alarm, it will automatically change the quality. amount to the corresponding level to help the game play not be affected.

Enables automatic graphics quality change


  • Into the Settings / Graphics
  • Move item Auto-adjust graphics (automatically lowers settings if FPS fluctuates too much) to mode Enable

Change Quick Chat settings in PUBG Mobile

Quick Chat in PUBG Mobile

Quick chat is an extremely useful tool in team games, especially when it is used correctly. Although the default Quick Chat setting in PUBG Mobile is quite good, you can still change it to suit your teammates’ gameplay. For this to work, just need to Settings and then to Quick Chat. Here, you can delete the unwanted message and replace it with something else. It is quite helpful. However, you can’t compose messages yourself, so you’ll have to do it through the diverse options PUBG Mobile offers.

Use headphones to listen to the enemy’s footsteps

Most shooters like CS: GO, Fortnite or PUBG use directional sounds so you can take advantage of it to pinpoint the enemy’s location. While the phone’s speakers are good enough, you’ll hear clear footsteps through the headphones.

The settings in this post can be used for this PUBG Mobile on computers and phones. Depending on each player, we will choose for ourselves the appropriate changes to experience this survival shooter in the best way.

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