How to watch Empire Timeline effectively

Watch Empire Timeline to help gamers capture how many people the enemy has, how much gold they own, how far is the map detection index? As a result, it is possible to predict 90% of the opponent’s tactics, to come up with a coping strategy accordingly.

That said, you know how important Timeline is, right? So, please refer to the following article of to knowView the Timeline most effectively, quickly gaining an advantage in battle.

How to view stats in the game Empire – AOE

First to see the Timeline you enter Menu, choose Timeline (or press the shortcut F10). In the Timeline section, the index appears Word Pollution, helping players understand the time of birth, the total number of people and troops.

And at the window Summary There are 3 main items to pay attention to: Military, Economy and Technology:

Summary interface

1. Military Section

From the Summary window, click Military to see the following stats:

  • Kills: Display the total number of troops and people of the enemy that you can destroy, to have a reasonable strategy to tile the opponent’s house.
  • Lose: The stats of your troops and people are destroyed by the enemy.
  • Razings: The enemy’s destruction stats, including the foundation and walls, are all displayed.
  • Largest Army: The number of troops, your units are larger than the opponent’s will be Yes.
  • Total Score: What is the difference between Kills/Lose’s total score and the current number of pieces?

Military interface

2. Economy section

From the Summary window, click Summary to see the following metrics:

  • Gold Collected: The amount of gold you dig, see if you can capture a lot of gold on the map?
  • Villager High: Number of people you have.
  • Exploration: The light map % index that you have detected.
  • Tribute Given: Stats receive or give things to others. If the index has sign + is for things, there are also sign – is to receive the item.

Economy interface

3. Technology section

From the Summary window, click on Technology to see the following metrics:

  • Most Technologies: Technical points in general, also known as upgrade coefficients, include: Upgrading stats, upgrading wood cutting, upgrading attack, armor, bow A…
  • Bzone Age First: Indicate who is the earliest 3rd person who will have the word Yes.
  • Iron Age First: Indicate who is the first to turn 4 will have the word Yes.

Technology interface

Tips to view the Empire Timeline effectively

1st time: Around the 2nd – 3rd minute

Check how many inhabitants the opponent has at that time? How far is the mapping capability? If their population is less than yours, the possibility of their fruit mine is bad, while the population is small and the map expansion is high, their mine is far from the main house.

2nd time: Around the 9th – 10th minute

Now see how many people the opponent has? If there are only about 16 – 20 people, pay attention to their ability to expand the map to see if they can beat meat or not? If they expand a lot, 90% of them force their lives early to fight and slash. Be sure to stay at home!

3rd time: Around 12-13 minutes

See how many people the opponent has, how much gold and how far can the map expand? If it’s a wooden piece, but it digs for gold and the map expansion ability spikes, it proves that they beat the guillotine and have a horse, now let’s make your business smaller. If they have a lot of gold or lots of wood before 20 minutes, feed the people for meat, don’t kill the people for gold or wood.

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When you know how to watch the Timeline, you will quickly catch up with the match and have effective attacks on the opponent, quickly taking advantage, bringing victory for yourself.

Have fun playing the game!

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