How to use supportive items when activating Chain of Points in Call Of Duty Mobile VN

FPS mobile shooter game Has been to Vietnamese gamers for a while, but perhaps many players still do not know or pay attention to Scorestreak feature – Chain of points in game CODM this. So let’s find out about CODM point series Okay, what is it, how it works, what support items are there, in what situation …

Chain point – What is Scorestreak in Call Of Duty Mobile VN?

Only a maximum of 3 Chain Point items can be brought into the game
Only a maximum of 3 Chain Point items can be brought into the game

It can be roughly understood that it is a kind of like Combo combo in those Other fighting games. When you get the job done defeat many opponents repeatedly but not being shot down by another player will Activate Chain of points.

When entering battle, a warrior can only bring up to 3 Chain Point items to the battle, each item requires a certain point to be activated. And of course, if the player is not defeated, the points can be used, once the opponent shoots them down, this sequence will be reset to 0, back to the default level.

The support items when activating Chain of Points:

Currently in the game Call Of Duty Mobile Vn has all 13 items. Include:

  • UAV – 400 Series points: Very good for detecting the position of the enemy displayed on the small map in the upper right corner of the screen.

The UAV helps to clearly locate the opponent

Enemy troops will be marked with a small red dot on the radar screen

  • Drones chase – 500 Chain points: When activated, this Drone will immediately chase opponents that are appearing on the map, dealing massive beam damage.
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Tracking drones work very well

Click 2 times for the Drone to speed up and destroy the enemy immediately.

  • Supply box – 400 Chain points: When using, you will receive 1 random Chain Point item.

Supply box

  • Missile Positioning – 700 Chain of points: There are quite gender similarities with Drone Pursuit, but the amount of damage Missile position This is much stronger.

Missile positioned in CODM

Positioning missiles with a tremendous amount of beam damage.

  • Molotov Cocktail – 300 series of points: probably many people will call it gas bombs, for its exterior and effect are not much different from an internal similar item Left 4 Dead game. When thrown to the ground or an enemy unit, it will deal massive area damage and fire effect for a while.

Molotov Cocktail or gamer familiar called the gas bomb

  • XS1 Goliath – 900 Series of points: It looks quite similar to the ancient Ironman armor – Tony Stark is named The Mark 1. And XS1 Goliath in CODM possesses a huge energy armor as well as a respectable source of damage.

  • Counter UAV – 600 points series: Used to interfere with the opponent’s UAV, avoiding location detection.

Counter UAV

  • Anti-aircraft artillery – 850 points series: Very effective in disabling the opponent’s Air Attack Point Chain device.


  • Gun defense – 800 Chain points: 1 form of automatic weapon, when placed on the ground it will automatically attack the opponent when it enters the control area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis defensive gun.

Gun defense

  • MQ-27 Dragonfire – 750 series of points: Can be controlled as the main weapon, equipped with up to 3 infrared bullets capable of defeating the opponent with just 1 shot, and at the same time fighting the enemy through the wall within the range.
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MQ 27 Dragonfire

  • Helicopters – 1000 Chain points: When used, it will call up a stealth helicopter to combat aerial support.

Invisible helicopter

  • RS Electric shock – 350 Series points: self-check the enemy troops and shock the opponent as soon as it is detected.

RS electric shock

  • VTOL – 1600 Series of points: continues to be an extremely effective support weapon from the air.


How can I not lose my streak when I get shot?

When you reach a certain level in the game Call Of Duty Mobile VN, the system will provide players with a number of types card – Perk is fixed, and we will choose the card Persistence – Persisence In order not to get your score interrupted if you get shot you.

Pert Persistence assists players in maintaining the chain of points
Pert Persistence assists players in maintaining the chain of points

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