How to use Sabotage in Among Us effectively

Cách dùng Sabotage trong Among Us

Among Us is a great multiplayer game on mobile. Among Us’s game rules is very simple. The game features two crews – Crewmates and imposters – Impostor. The crew had to fix the train and find the impostor. An impostor can win the game Among Us by killing the astronaut or by voting to banish them.

How to use Sabotage in Among Us

In Among UsAn impostor has a special ability to perform a mission, which is Sabotage – sabotaging systems and components on ships, making it harder for the crew to get the job done. This article will guide you how to use Sabotage effectively when playing Among us.

How to use Sabotage in Among Us effectively

What is Sabotage in Among Us?

Sabotage – Underground sabotage is a unique feature that only an imposter can use in Among Us. Sabotage will create a “crisis” or temporary breakdown, forcing the crew to fix the problem, ignore it or wait for it to end.

Each vandalized room will have its own special effects. For example, the impostor could Sabotage the electric room to turn off the onboard lighting, limiting astronauts’ visibility.

How can an imposter use Sabotage in Among Us?

To do a deadly mission, an impostor can click the button Sabotage in the lower right corner. This will open the ship map. Here, you can choose from different types of sabotage – just tap the desired room icon to “sabotage” it.

Among Us's destructive effects

You can also touch the icon X of a room to close the door of that room for a few seconds.

What happens when an imposter uses Sabotage in Among Us?

Each Sabotage type has a different effect, creating a temporary crash on the spaceship. You will see a flashing warning under the task list, signaling the system is down.

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A stopwatch and flashing red lights also appear, depending on the severity of the vandalism.

How to use sabotage in Among Us?

Knot Emergency The default is disabled for all Sabotage types. The crew cannot discuss and vote on a potential impostor until the room is back to normal by Sabotage.

Also, an imposter can only Sabotage once at a time. All other sabotage types will be frozen for a few seconds.

After all, an impostor can help fix the compromised system – a great tactic for hiding your true identity and being less suspicious.

A complete list of Sabotage and their influence in Among Us

Oxygen Depleted

Among Us's Oxygen Room

Destroying O2 room will disable the ship’s oxygen supply system and display a warning: Oxygen Depleted. Surely you know what happens when there is no oxygen? – They will die.

The imposter team immediately wins if the O2 countdown is zero, so the crew must act quickly and enter a pin to refill the oxygen as soon as possible.

Reactor Meltdown

Destroying the reactor will damage the engine of the ship and the impostor will win instantly. Similar to the O2, if the crew can’t fix the reactor by the allotted time, it’s all over for the team.

Among Us

A minimum of 2 Crewmates must work together to fix the reactor by holding their hands on the scanner at the same time.

Comms Sabotaged

If the impostor vandalizes Comms communications room, the crew cannot see the list and location of the mission on the map.

Among Us's management room

In addition, security cameras, key surveillance, system administration maps and door locks are also disabled until this room is repaired.

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Fix Lights

If the electrical system is damaged by an impostor, the ship will have no light left. The sudden drop in visibility made it difficult for the crew to see who was around until they were standing close together. However, the impostor was unaffected by this.

Among Us's destructive lights

The crew must correct the power failure as soon as possible. If not, the impostor will have a chance to stealthily kill without anyone knowing.

Closing Doors

In addition to disrupting critical systems, an impostor can also choose to sabotage room doors. When doing so, the door will close and lock in 10 pieces of paper, preventing players from entering or leaving the room.

Closed in Among Us

If an imposter destroys the door, other types of Sabotage will be in a “freeze” time. This means that the rogue team can close many or even entire doors on the map.

However, if a different Sabotage is used, the door damage will revert to a “frozen” state.

In general, an imposter is one of the most interesting roles in playing the game Among Us. Learn how to use each type of sabotage wisely – Sabotage is an important factor in becoming the best Impostor in the game.

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