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Coowon Browser is designed based on the famous Google Chrome browser so it has many similar features to the Google Chrome browser, in addition, the browser is also designed to support gamers when playing online games. Learn how to use Coowon Browser to take advantage of all the powerful features it has to offer.

Coowon Browser is a web browser developed based on the Google Chrome browser. However, Coowon Browser has features to help gamers play games on the browser such as double click to close tabs, login to multiple accounts on tabs, floating windows, perform tasks automatically motion, Record mouse and keyboard actions,…..while playing the game. The following article will guide you how to use Coolon Browser

how to use coowon browser

How to use Coolon Browser

Functions available on Coowon Browser

1 – Double click tab to close: Double click on the tab to close the tab easily
– 2 – Multi-login tab: Tabs with colored borders are tabs that allow multiple account logins. This tab can be enabled with a shortcut on the toolbar
– 3 – Customize Appearance: Customize your browser’s interface settings
– 4 – Change Window Transparency: It’s browser opacity
– 5 – Switch to Flooting Windows mode: Switch to Flooting Windows mode
– 6 – Control page running speed: Browser speed control
– 7 – Show/hide Window: Alt + F1 to quickly toggle show/hide browser window
– 8 – Bookmarks Menu: Bookmarks bar
– 9 – Reopen closed tabs: reopen closed tabs, can right click to see recently closed tabs
– 10 – Reload: Reload the page. Right click to show more page reload options
– 11 – Extensions: Extensions. Scroll in to show or hide the extension, which includes gaming support tools for gamers
– 12 – Mouse Gesture: hold right click and drag as shortcut of page path
– 13 – Drag and drop a link or select text can open it in a new tab quickly

How to use coowon browser 2

Extensions – Extensions

In Extensions there are many tools for many types of games for gamers to use. There are also some other function buttons as follows:

– 1 – Coolon App Center: Coolon’s App Store
– 2 – Coolon Record & Play: Record mode and redo mouse action
– 3 – Coolon Bookmarks: A place to summarize saved bookmarks

How to use coowon browser 3
Above is a guide on how to use Coolon Browser. Hopefully, through this article, you will know a web browser that helps your gaming achieve high results. Good luck.

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