How to top up your mobile phone card safely and quickly

Many gamers want to top up Mobile Funzy’s mobile card but do not know how to load, where to pay when there are many fraudulent websites online. Please follow the instructions below to load your mobile phone card, load it on the official site of NPH or directly in the game.

There are many ways to get free soul stones that gamers can use, enter these code Chaos War Mobile or complete quests,… but to get more soul stones, you should top up your Mobile Chaos card via NPH’s website or directly in-game.

how to use the mobile loan

Load War Mobile game safely and quickly

I. Guide to Loading Mobile War Game Via Homepage

1. Quick Guide
Step 1: Visit the official mobile game loading website by following the link below.
Step 2: Log in to your account, select a payment method and proceed to pay.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Open a new browser, visit NPH’s mobile phone recharge website HERE
Step 2: Click Log in and login to your Funzy account via Gmail, Facebook or Apple.

how to download the mobile loan on the website

Step 3: After successful login, press Recharge.

How to get the mobile loan safe?

Step 4: Select loading method between Load Game or Load Wallet.
– Example: Taimienphi uses the . method Top Up Walletpress Vcoin Card => click Confirm.

How to nap the reputable mobile loan

Step 5: Import serial code, card code and captcha code => press Confirm.
– Each form of loading Chaos Chien Mobile has different payment methods, you just need to follow the instructions of the system.

How to get the fastest mobile loan

II. How to Top Up Mobile War Cards Directly In Game

1. Quick Guide
Click the “+” icon => select the soul stone package and pay
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2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Open the game War of War Mobileat the main interface press icon “+”.

how to nap the mobile loan game funzy

Step 2: Select load pack => make payments.
– Because Taimienphi has linked the account with the bank card, so it is very easy to load the Mobile War game.

How to nap the mobile loan in-game
Thus, with simple steps, readers will easily top up your mobile card to receive soul stones safely and quickly. Use soul stones wisely to avoid wasting resources. Readers can also use BlueStacks emulator software and Play Mobile War on PC Avoid overheating, jerky lag, protect your phone from harmful agents.

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