How to survive while playing the zombie mode of PUBG Mobile

In recent days, survival shooter gamers have had the opportunity to experience the zombie mode in PUBG Mobile 0.11 version with the name PUBG Mobile – “Survive till Dawn“. However, as a new game mode, at the same time both normal players and zombies, this mode more or less brings difficulties for inexperienced players. PUBG Mobile.

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The following article of will guide you, show you some experience playing zombie mode in this most exciting survival game today.

Experience playing zombie mode in PUBG Mobile

Experience playing zombie mode in PUBG Mobile

Parachuting right “address”

As mentioned in the first articles when introducing the basic gameplay of PUBG Mobile, skydiving is always the first thing to pay attention to, because when and where to dance, sometimes it will decide more than 50%. Your survival club, with The same is true of the zombie mode in PUBG Mobile.

However, if we say that when playing normally, we should not jump down to hotspots like school or Pochinki, then with Survie till Dawn mode, jumping down to these areas is sometimes an option. wise, daring and best. Because instead of trying to take down the enemy in the first place, all players were busy finding weapons and bullets quickly before the day was up. Since we all know what the real danger is at night, rest assured that even if you jump down to these spots, the number of people who want to kill you won’t be much.

Always be with your teammates when it’s dark

In PUBG Mobile’s zombie mode, it is wise that your team should not be separated, if you are unfortunately “lost”, you should locate your teammates on the map and find every way to get there as quickly as possible. can. Because if you’re alone out at night, the chances of you being defeated by the undead are quite high.

Not only because of the large number, but also Zombies with the ability to attack far, extremely fast speed, blood buffalo, or bad luck, you may encounter Licker or other zombie bosses.

Always cooperate with your teammates

Teamwork not only helps you improve your overall strength, but in the face of dangerous undead, this is also the only way to survive. Let’s split up in protecting directions, covering each other, supporting each other when someone needs to replace bullets, heal or break through to find more powerful weapons.

The most effective zombie-killing weapons
The most effective zombie killing weapons

Also keep in mind, separating from the team is a taboo and you should not even do it during the day. Because even though it is not a zombie, other players will also multiply when you are alone to attack.

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Choose the right weapon

One thing is quite … paradoxically, in this game mode, we can easily find some weapons and items that are difficult to find when playing normally, such as sniper rifles, scopes x6, x8 … However, when confronted with a large number of zombies, now the number is the most necessary and important thing.

Instead of rifles that can kill an enemy with 1.2 bullets but take up to a few seconds to change ammunition, rifles with more ammo are the top priority. With a low level zombie also need 2 bullets in the head to defeat it, not to mention that if it is the zombie boss, it will need dozens, even more.

Another thing that makes snipers useless when playing this zombie mode is that most zombies have fast movement speed, you can not keep up to aim. Not to mention when the night falls, the mist and trees will greatly obstruct your view.

Some The extremely effective zombie killing weapon that you can choose to use in this action game is a 6-barrel gun, flamethrower or sometimes a grenade.

The resuscitation and first aid items

In addition to quickly finding the right weapon and a lot of ammo, it is quite important that the First Aid Kit ambulance kit is indispensable. Or if not, you can definitely get yourself a few energy cans or Bandage gauze to heal when needed. Certainly, even a skilled player can not and dare not claim to be able to survive 2 nights against zombies without healing.

Zombie bosses in PUBG Mobile
The two most dangerous zombie bosses in PUBG Mobile

Just like when replacing ammo, use these healing items in an emergency, don’t wait until the health gets too low. And because healing or using these items takes a lot of time, make sure you are in a safe place, a long enough distance to use them. Or if not, this is the time when you need the help of your teammates.

Use zombie bombs

Zombie bombs are a new item and are only available in this game mode. With their special use and effects, these zombie bombs will be extremely useful and effective items if you know how to use it.

Features of zombie bombs:

  • Attract zombies around there and keep you for a few seconds to heal, replace ammo …
  • Attack and kill zombies, but do not harm the user at all.
  • After the bomb explodes, more zombies will appear at that location

Many players have taken advantage of this to “summon” more zombies and make it difficult for other players to take advantage of their opportunities.

Zombie vaccine

Also another special item in PUBG Mobile’s zombie game mode, these items can help players heal faster than normal and in more quantity.

Quite similar to regular Adrenaline Syenses, but instead of having only 5 minutes of effect, the Zombie vaccine does not lose its effectiveness after it is used, however, it must be really lucky to have it. this syringe.

Zombie vaccine

Search for transportation

One thing to say, is that in this special version, the number of vehicles is limited and greatly reduced both in number and type. However, if you are in danger and surrounded by a large number of corpses, being able to find a means of transportation is the best thing.

Not only can you temporarily avoid the attack, but also prolong the healing time, replace bullets, run away or even if you find a building, you can use this vehicle to Block the entrance and join your teammates to attack them from the building.

Save ammo

Saving ammo is very important, you can not know how many zombies there are or when it will be morning, the more you are not sure where you will find ammo and that number is enough for you to continue fighting. fight or not. Therefore, make sure each bullet hits its target.

Use smart zombie bombs
Zombie bombs and zombie vaccines are special items of this game mode

The character’s bag in this mode is also 3 times larger than normal, equivalent to about 1000 bullets of all kinds. You can fill bags and share ammo with your team if everyone uses the same guns and ammo.

Destroy the zombie boss

Boss zombie in this game mode is no different from crates. Each time killing a zombie boss will have a large amount of items, weapons drop for you. Among them are extremely valuable things that you cannot find anywhere in the map. However, finding zombie bosses is not easy because they only appear at a number of points on the map, not to mention the amount of buffalo blood, the zombie bosses with tremendous damage is also a problem that is not easy to solve.

Get ready for Monday night

During the two nights of survival, the player can easily get through the first night, but the second day is truly a nightmare when things seem to increase a lot. The more zombies, the more continuous appearances, the more bloodthirsty and the more continuous attacks, the more focused on fighting makes this Monday night seem longer and making those with a zombie mindset. PUBG Mobile’s Survive till Dawn mode is a kid game that needs to be rethought.

Take advantage of the morning and prepare everything you need for this Monday night!

Try to kill Licker whenever possible

Licker is a quite dangerous zombie, not only has a fast movement speed with low-range attack, but they often appear unexpectedly and when it has identified its prey, it will “command” another swarm of zombies. attack together. Another reason why this zombie becomes quite annoying is that as soon as you shoot it with almost no health, it will immediately go to the ground and attack you at another angle without you noticing.

Find and destroy bosses to receive rewards

However, if you defeat the Licker, you will receive some valuable items such as M134 guns, ammo and other medical items. However, the advice here is that you should look to the RPD house on the map, because the boss here is quite “mediocre”. Your team can easily destroy it without spending too much time or effort, but the amount and value of the items it drops are not inferior to other bosses.

Run very fast

Of course, “fight if not, run”, running is not bad. You can run while changing bullets, run to where your teammates are gathering, run to avoid zombie encirclement … In short, we’re playing. Survival game where life and the last remaining are the winners, so you can do whatever you want.

You cannot kill zombie bosses alone

It is not unreasonable that these special zombies are called “bosses”. Not only the special size, special appearance, but also the attack power and HP of these zombies are also extremely impressive. With only 4 hits, you will be able to return to the lobby, so no matter what kind of weapon or item you have in your hand, you should not hunt the boss alone.

That is not to mention that the zombie boss is never alone, around it there is always an unusual zombie swarm that you will not easily reach or even attack directly, consuming ammo and items. that you are.

Those are the basic tips and experience of playing zombie mode in PUBG Mobile in the most effective way that would like to introduce to you.

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