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How to secure your Garena account by email and phone number

The email address that the user uses to create a Garena account needs to be authenticated to increase security, and in case the user forgets the password, he / she will be able to use this Garena secure email to regain his account your Garena account.

Once the Garena account is set up, users often forget that they need to be set up so that their registered email is confirmed by Garena, becoming a secure email. And if you do not know how, please check out the following tutorial.

How to confirm the email account registered with the Garena account

Garena account not only helps users to play games but also updates promotional information, gifts and many other conveniences. So if you are still being subjective with the security of this account then perhaps you should reconsider and verify the security email for your Garena account.

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Step 1: You use the web browser and access Garena home page, then click on the tab Account at top.

Home page

Enter the information about the Garena account you are using into the two fields below Enter or click Log in now.

Sign in to your account

Step 2: Display Account Settings appears, we can see some information regarding our Garena account here and make changes or verify it.

As you can see in the illustration, the user’s email account is not authenticated (Verify), left click on it to start.

Account Settings
Some information regarding the user’s Garena account

Step 3: Display Account Security Center appears with 4 steps of clear suggestions. First, need to login again to your account.


Step 4: Re-enter the email address and password in use in the fields Email Address, Retype Email Address and Current Password, then select enter Next Step.

Confirm your account information
Confirm your account information

At this point, Garena will ask you to access the email address just finished to get an account verification link.

Next step

If not logged in email account in the browser, we will take this one more step.

Sign in to email

Step 5: If you are already logged in, look for Garena’s mail below (Garena Email Verification) and left click to enter message details.

Email from Garena

Step 6: In this email, you will receive a link as below, just click on it to confirm.

Link confirmation
Left click on the link in the mail to verify your account

Window Account Security Center reappear, click Login.

Sign in again

And perform the last login to your Garena account.

account information

Account verification success message appears.

Successful authentication notification

Now if you go back to the item Account SettingsYou will see your email entry has been replaced from Change / Verify into a green tick.


How to register your phone number to secure your Garena account

Step 1: In section Account customization, click on the word More in line Phone to add the phone number.

Add a phone number

Step 2: Next, select the area code, then enter your phone number in the box shown in red. After entering the phone number, press the button Send code green circle. A confirmation code will now be sent to your phone. Enter the code you received in the box Code, then press the button Confirm.

Confirm phone number

Step 3: The system will ask you to install 2 confirmation steps, choose Turn on 2-step confirmation.

Phone number verification is successful

Step 4: After activating, each time there is a request to change the password, the system will send a message to your mobile phone.

Now, if you lose your password, cannot log in to your account or have any problems, you can use your registered email or phone number to get back your Garena account.

Wish you all success!

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