How to rename a Free Fire character with 39 Diamonds

You want to change the character’s name? Free Fire but can’t bear to spend 390 diamonds. There is another way for you where you only need to invest 10 times less than the aforementioned diamonds. And this is how you can rename your character in Free Fire with only 39 diamonds.

Multiplayer starts playing Free Fire without knowing that they cannot change their name as easily as many other games, only being renamed once. So they chose a random name at the start. But then most people get so caught up in the game that they spend hundreds of hours playing the game. And when they spend so much time and money on Free Fire, they want their account to be perfect with a real name they really like, not a random name they used.

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how to win free fire with 39 kim cuong

Only have to spend 39 diamonds to change the character’s name in Free Fire

But it all seemed to be too late. They will have to spend 390 diamonds to correct his mistakes in the beginning. So is there a way to rename the character with less diamonds?

Instructions for renaming Free Fire characters with 39 diamonds

Free Fire only allows players to name free once. You can use diamonds to buy renaming cards in the shop but it’s definitely not worth it because the money you have to spend is 390 diamonds, while there are still countless other things to buy such as items and animals my babe.

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how to win free fire with 39 kim cuong

Here’s how to get a rename card in Free Fire for just 39 diamonds:

In the main lobby of Free Fire, you go to Store and select tab Redeem > Guild Token. There you can buy a rename card for only 39 diamonds and 200 Guild Tokens.

how to win free fire with 39 kim cuong 2
To earn Guild Tokens, you need to join or create a guild. In your guild, there will be daily quests and events for you to complete and receive Guild Tokens. For more diamonds, please refer to the diamond hunting method below

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