How to recover deleted Instagram Stories, get Instagram Stories back

For simplicity in recovering deleted Instagram Stories, NPH has launched a recently deleted feature, making it easy and fast to retrieve deleted Instagram Stories. Details of steps to restore deleted Story on Instagram will be available below.

Instagram works on the same principle as the photo library on a regular phone, deleted messages or articles will be stored in the recently deleted folder for about 30 days so that users can easily recover deleted Instagram Story if you want.

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How to recover deleted Instagram Story

Instagram only allows users to restore deleted Instagram Story if it is deleted within 30 days in exchange.

Instructions to recover deleted Instagram Story

1. Quick Guide

Step 1: Open Instagram, go to Avatar icon individual.
Step 2: Select icon three horizontal bars => Enter Work your.
Step 3: Press Recently deleted => Select Instagram Story.
Step 4: India see more => Select Restore.

2. Detailed instructions

Step 1: Update Instagram latest version.

– Download link Instagram for Android
– Download link Instagram for iPhone

Step 2: Enter Personal Avatar icon => Select three horizontal bars icon.
Step 3: Press Your activity.

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Step 4: Enter Recently deleted => Select Instagram Story you want to restore.

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Step 5: Click See more => Select Restore Instagram Stories.

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Step 6: Press confirm Restore.
Step 7: Once the restore is successful, you can press View news or go to Archived to review the Instagram Story I just restored.

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So you have recovered the deleted Instagram Story video and this is also one of the Instagram tricks that many people are interested in. Besides, you can also refer to how Instagram video download about phones, computers or how to record videos with Instagram filters to have the best stories.

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In addition to recovering deleted Instagram, you can also apply the same steps above to get your posts back or recover deleted Instagram messages along with a few other functions, extremely simple and convenient, right? Good luck.

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