How to quickly load PUBG Mobile VN card

After its launch in Vietnam, VNG has officially opened the PUBG Mobile VN card top-up portal for players, and at the same time offers many incentives for the first recharge. Supports up to 4 popular payment methods: ZingCard, Zalo Pay, ATM and Credit Card.

PUBG Mobile VN

How to load the latest PUBG Mobile VN card 2019

Step 1: Log in to the official VNG Payment Gateway, then click on PUBG Mobile VN game.

Note: This is the only download page of PUBG Mobile VN, all other links are not reliable.

Payment gateway of VNG

Step 2: When the loading page opens, there will be 2 login forms for you to choose from:

  • Enter player ID: Login with ID in PUBG Mobile VN game.
  • Log in to Facebook to pay: Use the Facebook account to log in.

With Facebook login form, you log in and then accept the application.

Login to PUBG Mobile VN

As for the form to log in by ID, you need to enter the game, then click on Avatar account and get the ID number finished typing in the box loaded by ID.

Avatar account

Step 3: After successful login, you will be able to choose the top up packages: 50,000 VND, 100,000 VND, 200,000 VND, 500,000 VND, 1,000,000 VND, 2,000,000 VND. Then, choose the form of charging via 4 channels: Zalo Pay, ZingCard, ATM, Credit Card.

Select the package to load PUBG Mobile VN

Load PUBG Mobile VN with Zing card

Just enter your card serial number, card code and press Confirm is done.

Load PUBG Mobile VN with Zing card

Load PUBG Mobile VN via Zalo Pay

Use the Zalo Pay app to pay, which is available on both Android and iOS phones:

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Zalo Pay for Android Zalo Pay for iOS

Load PUBG Mobile VN with Zalo Pay

Then, gamers scan the QR code with the Zalo Pay app to confirm payment.

Scan QR Code

Download PUBG Mobile VN via ATM card

To top up via ATM card, simply select the bank you want to top up, log in to your account and confirm through the steps instructed by the banking system.

Download PUBG Mobile VN via ATM

Choose your bank

As a result, those who love shopping in PUBG Mobile VN will avoid the price tag by intermediaries, being scammed when loaded through unsafe channels.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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