How to play zombie mode in PUBG Mobile

Finally, after many days of waiting, today the zombie mode of the shooter PUBG Mobile has officially launched to players worldwide with the name PUBG Mobile – “Survive till Dawn“.

Instead of opening doors according to certain timeframes, currently, this Event Mode is allowing this survival gamer to play freely to get the initial experience with this new and unique game mode.

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Instructions to play zombie mode in PUBG Mobile

This article is made on the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator, with the mobile version, you also do the same.

Step 1: You log into your PUBG Mobile account as usual. From the main interface, you touch or click on the icon of Select Mode.

The main interface of PUBG Mobile 0.11

Step 2: Different from previous versions, a new item appeared in the Mode section Event Mode. Click here to enter choose to play zombie mode “Survive till Dawn“.


  • Only when this item has a yellow tick on the corner will it be counted as active.
  • Select finished, you click OK to continue.

Select the Event Mode item

Step 3: Go back to the main interface of the game, you will see the Select Mode item has changed, choose to enter Start to start teaming and play.

Select Start to enter PUBG Mobile's zombie mode

Some things to know when playing zombie mode in PUBG Mobile:

  • There will only be 60 people instead of 100 people as before in this game mode.
  • The number, movement speed, and bloodthirsty of zombies during the day and night are inversely proportional to each other (almost absent during the day).
  • In this mode, the sky will turn dark very quickly, players only have a short time to loot.
  • Items and weapons in this mode are quite few and must also be too powerful weapons.
  • Light “Troll” from the company, when playing this mode, we will pick up rare snipers that when playing normal mode, looking for red eyes cannot see.
  • Before zombies appear, there will be a notification on the screen. If we look on the map, we will also see special markers.
  • The last round will have no zombies, only the remaining players fight with each other.
  • Appears some special items (zombie grenades), the amount of ammunition for the rifle is also more than usual.
  • Flamethrowers can kill zombies, but will not count as when using conventional guns.
  • A level 3 backpack can hold 3 times more items than normal.
  • Vehicles and gasoline have been cut down a lot.
  • It is possible to use the car crashing into normal zombies, but it is useless against the boss, even the vehicle is broken.
  • Zombies that appear during the day are easy to destroy and have a slower speed than night.
  • This mode is only available on the Erangel map and you must also have a team of 4 to be able to participate.
  • The legendary zom-bosses in Resident Evil 2 like G-Virus and Tyrant will only appear in a few random locations on the map.
  • 6-barrel gun and flamethrower can be obtained when you defeat the boss.
  • If hit by the boss, just one ‘hit’ will lose 1/4 of your health.
  • Taking down an ax-wielding boss is a simple way to both get items like other bosses because it has less health.
  • The only way to get more items (especially bullets and health) is to kill the undead.
  • Each zombie defeated will leave any item.
  • The more zombies you can kill or kill the bigger zombies, the more awesome items you get.
  • The zombies in this mode are quite diverse in shape, size, attack power and speed. Best if colliding, make use of means of movement or split the attack group from multiple directions. Because if you are chased, you definitely cannot escape because the speed of the zombie is too fast.
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Tips for playing Survive Till Dawn mode:

  • Shoot in the head is the fastest and best way to kill any zombie.
  • It is not easy to find ammo for the 6-barrel gun, not to mention it is quite heavy, affects the movement, so consider when using it.
  • Use zombie grenades to attract them back to one place, easy to destroy, and you can buy time for you and your teammates to heal, change bullets.
  • The backpack has been upgraded, so you can hold up to 1000 bullets, don’t be afraid to fill your space.
  • Find a way to the RPD haunted house and try to destroy the boss holding the ax. It is the weakest boss, but the drop items are no different from the rest of the bosses.
  • Use a dagger (Combat Knife) whenever possible, because it is impossible to know when you will run out of ammo.
  • Try to shoot accurately to save ammo, because you’re only really safe when it’s morning.
  • Among the zombies that appear is a species that spits out acid, which can attack us from quite a distance, please pay attention.
  • Do not underestimate the shield-holding zombies, it looks sluggish, but in fact they have a fairly fast speed, even with us when running with SHIFT.
  • Should keep the gun in Burst mode to shoot effectively and save bullets. Particularly with the name of a giant corpse, holding a knife and running around can comfortably “dry”.
  • During the day, try to loot as many items as possible, giving priority to ammo, healing, and armor.
  • Ignore the useless snipers because when fighting zombies, you will need more numbers.
  • Don’t forget, in addition to zombies, you have 2 other opponents who are the remaining players and around. If you are too “diligent” in killing them for achievements, you will also easily be defeated by the opponent.
  • When night falls, try to find a house or a very high place to climb there, you will minimize attacks from many sides, and can easily attack again.
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Some pictures about this Event:

Open the map to see available “hotspots”. And do not forget that the circle is always recorded.

Hot spots on the map

You will receive a notification when a zombie is about to appear.

Notice there are zombies preparing to appear

If you are alone, run fast! Do not be foolish to “play” with the zombies holding the shield or too many zombies around you.

The zombies hold shields

Check out your performance after each play.

Player achievements

Video tutorial to play zombie mode of PUBG Mobile:

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