How to play Zed League of Legends – Dark Lord season 10 most effectively

Hello gamers of the game League of Legends, today’s post Funny game will introduce you to the article on how to play the general Zed – The most popular assassin League of Legends server Vietnam.

Lord of Darkness – Zed

Renowned for his ruthlessness and mercy, he is a powerful, learned and proficient ninja. dark magic forbidden – an extremely dangerous kind of spiritual magic. With this ability to control dark art, Zed attacks fear into the hearts of enemies and takes their lives before they know it.

In LOL, Zed is a single-target assassin with high damage, possessing one of the most versatile skill sets League of Legends. He has the ability to poke, burst damage very strong. And thanks to this set of maneuverable skills, Zed is also very difficult to get caught. Relatively easy to play but to master it takes time. However, he can combine his skill set to create beautiful and extremely effective combos.

1. Zed’s passive skills:

Contempt for the weak:

  • Basic attacks of Zed units less than 50% health will cause more 6 – 10% of maximum health of the victim into Magic Damage. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds on the same target.
  • This passive skill helps Zed easily farm in the laning stage thanks last hit good. And it’s pretty strong in solo fights.

2. Skill Q:

Dark darts

Sharp Darts:

  • Zed and the shadow clone swirl the sword forward, dealing damage to units pierced by the ability.
  • Zed and darts handball, each inflicting 80/115/150/185/220 (+) physical damage to the first enemy it passes through, and 48/69/90/110/132 (+) Physical damage per enemy after that.
  • This skill allows Zed very unpleasant texture. It can be used to profile or farm safely in the back. Combined with Shadow Clones mine, Zed can nearly double the range skill Q, or double damage shuriken by duplicating it.
  • It’s a great skill with a short cooldown 6s, if you put on a cooldown, skill Q of the Zed will drop to only approx 4.5s. But quick cooldown doesn’t mean there won’t be weaknesses, use it with caution if you don’t want to drain the energy bar because spam Q.
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3. W attack:

Shadow Clone:

  • Clone of Zed glide forward and then settle in 5 seconds, it could mimic the skills he launched. Zed can re-activate the ability to swap places with the clone.
  • Passive: Every time Zed and the clone uses the same skill to hit the enemy, Zed receive 30/35/40/45/50 energy. Energy can only be obtained once per hit.
  • Activation: Shadow’s Zed slide forward, stay at the position specified in 5 seconds. Re-activate Shadow Clones will make Zed switch positions with clones.
  • This is a unique ability of Zed. It can be used as 1 skill to keep your distance. Zed will not exert full strength without this skill. With a long cooldown, Zed may be crushed by the opponent for using the skill recklessly. You can use this skill to check map because it will provide your vision.
  • Another thing to mention about Shadow Clones of the Zed is the arrow at the foot of the shadow. when the Zed use W, The arrow indicator will always point in the direction of the ball’s current state. If the arrow is green, Zed can freely swap places with the ball. If it’s yellow, the shadow is about to disappear. And if the arrow is red, Zed can’t switch to ball.

4. Skill E:

Shadow Sword Path:

  • Zed with the blade swirling clone, sending out a wave of dark energy. The clone’s swirling sword wave causes a slow effect.
  • Zed with clones tossing swords, causing 70/95/120/145/170 (+) Physical damage to nearby enemies.
  • Every enemy champion hits Zed’s Shadow Sword will cause the cooldown of Shadow Clones reduce 2 sec.
  • The victims hit Dark Sword Line of the clone will be slowed down 20/25/30/35/40% in 1.5 seconds. The enemies were hit by many Dark Sword Line will be slowed down 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60% but does not take additional damage.
  • Dark Sword Line is the most broadest damage skill of Zed. Mainly used to slow enemies, increase sword attack accuracy and damage is decent with move E. Importantly, use it as a side scrolling skill just like highly skilled players. Also, if you cast the correct skill on the enemy then this skill will help cooldown Q and W.
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5. Skill R – Skill 4:

Death Mark:

  • Zed Leaving a shadow behind and then dashing to the target general, etching the death mark on the victim. After 3 seconds, the mark will detonate, dealing some percentage damage Zed caused when the imprint is still in effect. If the enemy hero dies under the effect of Death Mark, Zed maybe partially stolen Attack Power of the victim.
  • Zed cannot be targeted and dashed to an enemy champion, marking them. After 3 seconds, the mark activates, dealing equal physical damage + 25/40/55% all damage Zed Inflicts the target while imprinted.
  • Zed Leave a clone behind for 6 seconds. Re-activate Hide of Death cause Zed swap places with clones.
  • Darkness Devour: Zed annex the ball of the strongest opponent suffers Death Mark take down, get on 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 / 1.5 / 1.6 Attack Power. ( + 5/10/15% Attack Power of the victim.)
  • This is a skill outplay of the Zed. It is also a unique skill Zed compared to other assassins in League of Legends. Thanks to the effect at first when in use can not target allowed Zed Avoid dangerous skills, and with the addition of another shadow to mimic skills, his damage exponentially increases during that time.

6. Zed’s suitable equipment:

First match equipment:

Long Sword - Blood pot

Long Sword:

  • + 10 Physical Damage.


  • Limit 5 bottles at a time. Limited to one Blood pot type.
  • Click to Use: Restores 150 Health over 15 seconds.

These are two classic pieces of equipment Zed At the beginning of the game, if you encounter nasty textured opponents, you can choose Doran’s shield instead of Long sword.

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Mid-game equipment:

Trio of necessities: The Ghost Sword Youmuu - The Dagger Draktharr - The Black Ax

Equipments to suppress, damage comes from lethality and armor penetration.

Sword Ghost Youmuu:

  • +65 Physical Damage
    + 10% Cooldown reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive: +20 target’s Magic Resist
    UNIQUE Active: Gain + 20% Movement Speed ​​and + 40% Attack Speed ​​for 6 seconds (45 second cooldown).
  • (Cross-Armor: Physical damage is increased by ignoring the target’s Armor equal to the Cross-Armor stat.)

Black Ax:

  • +300 Health
    +55 Physical Damage
    + 20% Cooldown reduction
  • UNIQUE Passive: Inflicting physical damage to an enemy champion causes the victim to suffer Split, reducing Armor by 5% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6 times, up to 30%).
    UNIQUE Passive – Ferocity: Deals physical damage that grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. Assists in taking down a Decomposed enemy champion or taking down any unit give 60 Movement Speed ​​for 2 seconds. This Movement Speed ​​amount is halved for ranged champions.

End-of-game and complete equipment:

Complete equipment set

You can refer to these equipment to use with the bloody formations, in addition if the enemy team has strong mages then choose. Thorns Gai instead Green Bow.

7. Order of skill increase:

Order to increase skill for Zed

8. Suitable jade table:

Overwhelming jade table - exact sub-branch

8. Some basic notes:

Zed is very weak after his initial combo as his damage is largely dependent on skill. So be sure to roll out a good combo and choose a nice location.

Overall, this is a very powerful assassin but to master it takes quite a few hours of play. Please pick Lord of Darkness If you want to experience the feeling of murder with a flash combo.

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