How to play top lane Fiora in League of Wild Rift

Fiora is a Gladiator and Assassin champion in Wild Rift Alliance, favors melee combat with skills that can slow movement speed, stun enemies, and attack 4 weak points of enemy champions with the ultimate. Fiora is usually played in the top lane position. Therefore, in this article, will guide you how to play top lane champion Fiora effectively in Wild Rift League.

In Wild Rift Alliance, Fiora has a complex skill set as she can move places while attacking and dodging enemy attacks. In addition, Fiora also increases attack speed and crit rate with ability 3, and heals herself and allied champions with the final shot if the required conditions are met.

how to play fiora online in the league of toc chien

Instructions to play Fiora top position in Wild Rift

This champion will bring a lot of benefits to your team. So, knowing how to play champion Fiora in Wild Rift is very important because if you can make the most of all of the skills Fiora possesses, there is a high chance that you will master the course of the game as your role. role as top lane champion.

How to play top lane champion Fiora in League of Wild Rift

1. Rune for top lane general Fiora in League of Wild Rift

how to play fiora game in the league of toc chien

Fiora is a champion who can weaken his target with countless small skirmishes before taking them down with a graceful finish. Here are the matching runes for Fiora:

– Gem Conqueror (Conquer): is activated continuously with stacks every time you attack an enemy champion with basic attacks and skills, helping Fiora knock down the target quickly with great damage.
– Brutal Gem (Brutal): will give you a direct stat boost that really works in the early game.
– Spirit Walker Gem (Eternal Power): to gain extra HP and slow resistance, which increases Fiora’s resistance.
– Jade Mastermind (Mastermind): is a great choice for solo laners looking to increase damage late in the game as destroying towers makes you an unstoppable threat late game.

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2. Summoner spell for top lane Fiora in Wild Rift Alliance

Normally the summoner spell for Fiora would be Flash and Burning to ensure the ability to chase and deal more damage to the opponent.

how to play fiora vi tri top in toc chien

3. Top lane Fiora’s skill combo in Wild Rift Alliance

This is the optimal order of skills for Fiora to maximize her abilities. In it, you choose the ultimate whenever it’s ready to cast.

Skill 1 – Rushing > Skill 3 – One Sword Dual Use > Skill 2 – Counterattack

4. How to build top lane Fiora in League of Wild Rift

how to play fiora top in alliance to understand

– Shoes: Mercurys Treads (Mercury Shoes)
– Main equipment: Trinity Force, Sterak’s Gage, Death’s Dance, Maw of Malmortius, Guardian Angel, Guardian Angel.

The items you buy each match will depend a lot on your opponent’s lineup, which means you’ll have to find items that will help you counter your opponent’s champions and boost your own abilities if you want to get ahead.

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5. Tips for playing top lane champion Fiora in League of Wild Rift

Play Fiora with the best understanding in the world

– Find the enemy’s weak point. Fiora’s Passive – Dance of the Swordsman gives you a huge advantage in any duel if you choose the right target.

– Using skill 2 at the right time is very important, especially if the enemy has the ability to stun. It is best when used to slow down a fleeing enemy, or deployed at the right time to block the target’s ability to stun.

With her high mobility and flexible skill set, Fiora can destroy important enemy champions and retreat safely. With the right equipment, Fiora can overwhelm opponents in 1v1 or 1v2 skirmishes. Therefore, please pocket how to play Fiora top lane in Wild Rift League shared in the article to maximize the ability of this female swordsman.

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